Saturday, November 8, 2008

If you smoke, you can't adopt kids in Scotland

(Article and link below comments)

In reference to that Scotland article,

That is too darn cruel to deny a person the right to be a foster parent just cause he/she smokes. What's next? A new mom is gonna have her newborn baby taken away if she lights up a cig afta giving birth?

I'm surprised landlords ain't denying smokers the right to rent out an apartment yet. Anybody get turned down for buying a new crib (a new house) for simply being a smoker? Not being allowed to rent apartments and not being allowed to buy homes is somethang that used to happen to older generations of my race. I know more and more apartments are becoming smoke-free. Not based on the landlords' choice, but the govts' choice.

Being told "You can't adopt a kid cause you smoke" is even more extreme than being denied a place to live. Some ladies always dreamed about adopting kids. How do you think they would feel if someone denied them the right to adopt a child based on her smoking status? I have a good feeling how a sis would react to a comment like that.


Smokers to be banned from fostering and adopting by councils
Published Date: 07 November 2008
By Emily Pykett
COUNCILS in Scotland are pushing ahead with plans to ban smokers from fostering or adopting babies and young children, raising fears it may become more difficult to find them loving homes.
Authorities in Falkirk, Stirling and Clackmannanshire hope the proposed policy will protect the under-fives and other vulnerable young people from the harmful effects of passive smoking, which include increased risk of cot death, pneumonia, bronchitis, asthma and ear diseases.

The number of children needing placements in foster and care homes or with adoptive parents in Falkirk has risen from 172 in August 2006 to 244 in August 2008.

Falkirk Council will decide its policy next Tuesday. If it is passed, smokers will be banned from adopting or fostering any child under five or those with a disability or respiratory problems, asthma or heart disease.

The policy also rules that children from non-smoking families should not be placed with families who smoke.

All older children who are able to express a view must be given a choice about being placed with a smoking family.

Falkirk has around 80 young people who need to be found foster or adoptive parents, and opinions are divided between foster carers and health campaigners as to whether the plans intrude on personal freedoms and may deter prospective parents from coming forward.

The move comes after a blanket ban on smokers becoming foster carers was passed this week in the London borough of Redbridge.

Margaret Anderson, head of services for children and families at Falkirk Council, said many Scottish councils were taking similar measures.

She told The Scotsman: "We are making these recommendations because of the very strong advice from the British Association for Adoption and Fostering and the Fostering Network that this is best practice."

She said many issues had to be taken into consideration, but in her experience few foster parents or prospective parents were smokers.

Health bodies are backing the council's stance. Gordon Brown, public affairs manager for Asthma UK Scotland, said: "A child's welfare should be paramount when taking any decision which affects their health, and for those with asthma the effects of smoking can be deadly.

"It can increase the risk of an asthma attack, permanently damage someone's airways and block the benefit of some asthma medicines.

"We know that children whose parents smoke are 1.5 times more likely to develop asthma and we consider it vitally important to reduce this risk to children."

Childcare agencies have pointed out that councils find themselves in very difficult positions.

Maggie Mellon, a spokeswoman for Children 1st Scotland, warned that by focusing on parents, the council could be seen to be judging adults rather than protecting children.

She said: "You can be a smoker and a good parent, the thing is not to inflict the smoking on the child.

"What is the lesser of two evils - a child stuck in a care home or a loving parent who commits to never smoking in the house?

"A middle road would be to get the parent to guarantee not to smoke in the house.

"But where do you draw the line? Councils have a statutory duty of care to the child and are probably worried about being sued years down the line, after a foster carer allowed a child to smoke who subsequently developed health problems."

Friday, November 7, 2008

Smoking Obama

Here's somethang for you to view if you're bored and if you're a visitor on here who neva had any idea Obama smoked at all.

to view the clip (this clip is supposedly from CNN)

A new posiitve benefit of smoking

Here's anotha positive benefit in relation to smoking Sounds like smoking can prevent a lotta thangs actually.

http://blog. macleans. ca/2008/10/ 09/eradicating- a-bad-bacteria/

"Smoking helps prevent ulcerative colitis. The question is, if you get
colitis, do you start smoking?"

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

OBama won't bring change for smokers

Well it's official. Somethang I thought would happen in my lifetime, but not at this point in my life. The USA will have a guy with Black skin as the President.

This new President WILL bring change (at least I HOPE that motha does!) for the nation's economy, and help make our community betta nationwide. I'm sure he will teach young brothas and sistas that you don't have to play sports in order to be famous. Maybe he'll have a "Michael Jordan" effect and encourage more Black kids to look into politics as they grow up.

That's all of the positiveness me is saying on Obama. I will show him love just cause of the way he looks on the outside. And the fact he has experience in being a smoker (and he smoked weed too). But me listened to ALL of that motha's celebration speech. I'm sorry. But he just doesn't talk like one of us, let alone he doesn't talk like a Chicagoan. If there's gonna be any change for smokers and business owners, don't hold your breath. OBama is gonna make life a living he!! for US smokers/business owners.

But hey, if you smoke the otha leaf, you might see a change of decriminalized weed one day. If I see that, I betta see my right to smoke tobacco freely in places as well!!

I wonder if he will be brave to actually smoke with brothas and sistas in Chicago before he heads off to the White House. And yea, I DO mean smoke cigs. "Wanna smoke, brotha? I'll give you a free port since you the Pres." (LOL!!!)

OBama's hug-a-thug policy

This was taken off of the FORCES forum. But this is the same exact page I read yesterday. It sure is fascist-like for a President to support weed smokers....but yet he wants a nationwide smoking ban.

This page shows the only part of Obama that makes him sound like a brotha from Chicago. He wants to ease up on some laws that are less strict towards us in particular.

If he wins the election, I wanna ask him how come he wants to decriminalize weed, but not give tobacco smokers a place to light up at? That's like him telling me "Jay, you have my permission to smoke that J. I will tell the cops not to arrest you. But keep those squares at home." (I ain't keeping my cigs at home. If people can smoke weed legally one day, they should be allowed to smoke tobacco publicly. Othawise, what's the Fkin point of banning tobacco smoking if weed is legalized with your help??)

At least you sound like a Chicago brotha on your .02 in regards to laws. Although your idea of easing up on the laws is gonna make more of our communities nationwide more violent. We don't need to make the entire nation as violent as Chicago, that's for sure.

Paul Sperry | Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The triple homicide of actress-singer Jennifer Hudson's kin has thrown crime into the national spotlight – along with Barack Obama's hometown, which is the new murder capital of the U.S. Chicago has seen more murders this year than both New York and Los Angeles.

Yet you won't hear Obama talk about crime or his policy to fight it. That's because he doesn't have one – unless you call hugging thugs a crime policy.

One of the first things Obama would do as president is repeal mandatory minimum sentences for crack and other drug offenders to "reduce the ineffective warehousing" of such criminals, according to his website. He favors "drug rehabilitation" over incarceration for even "a second-time offender," according to a 2007 interview he gave to the Michigan Chronicle, Detroit's second-largest African-American newspaper.

Decriminalizing pot is also on the table. "We need to rethink and decriminalize our marijuana laws," said Obama, who admits to smoking weed and doing "a little blow" as a young man.

As an Illinois state senator, Obama voted to weaken penalties on gangbangers who deal drugs in schools.

He also wants to rehabilitate inmates through prison-to-work programs. Obama's pet charity, ACORN, has such a program. It hired 59 inmates at its Las Vegas office this year. They proceeded to fraudulently register voters using the names of Dallas Cowboys football stars. A police affidavit quoted a supervisor describing them as "lazy crack-heads" who just wanted money for drugs.

ACORN and Obama have been working to restore voting rights for felons, which would be another priority of his administration. "At a minimum," Obama told the black Detroit paper, "those who serve their sentences should be re-enfranchised."

In Illinois, he unsuccessfully sponsored a measure to expunge some criminal records. He thinks they are used as a "stigma" against blacks.

Obama also wants to outlaw police use of racial descriptions as a means to capture suspects, including Middle-Eastern terrorists. As a U.S. senator, he's already co-sponsored federal legislation to ban "racial profiling."

At the same time, he wants to limit your right to protect yourself from criminals by permanently banning assault weapons, among other gun-control measures to de-"cling" you from your guns.

As a state lawmaker, Obama supported a ban on the sale and transfer of all forms of semi-automatic firearms, along with a bill limiting handgun purchases to one a month. In a 1996 questionnaire supplied by a liberal Chicago nonprofit group, he answered "yes" to supporting legislation to "ban the manufacture, sale and possession of handguns."

Obama fought a bill in the Illinois senate that would send youth who commit a second violent felony to prison. He fought to keep even the most violent juvenile offenders out of the adult system.

Instead, "We must provide more ladders to success for young men who fall into lives of crime," he said at the Denver convention. One ladder he has in mind is funding contractors who train "ex-felons on projects that can benefit the community as a whole: insulating homes and offices to make them energy-efficient, perhaps."

Terrorists could also catch a break. "I would vote to repeal the U.S. Patriot Act," he said in 2003. Now he says he would merely repeal the parts of it that are "just plain wrong," whatever those are.

Obama, who would as president have the power to pardon criminals, isn't a big fan of U.S. laws in general, at least not as currently written. He thinks they are racist, along with the courts.

"We have certain sentences that are based less on the kind of crime you commit than on what you look like," he told Howard University students last year. "It's time to seek a new dawn of justice."

"Laws are sometimes malleable," he wrote two years ago, and he plans to "fix" what he sees as a "broken" criminal justice system. And he favors judges with the "empathy to understand what it's like to be poor or African-American."

That worries some legal analysts. "If Obama wins," warns Northwestern University law professor Steven Calabresi, "we could possibly see the abolition of capital punishment and mass freeing of criminal defendants."

In fact, Obama in the 1996 questionnaire responded "no" to supporting capital punishment. His website now calls for unspecified "reform" of the death penalty, which he contended in his book "does little to deter crime."

Obama will, however, get tough on "hate crimes." He plans to pack the criminal section of Justice's Civil Rights Division with African-American prosecutors, and make "hate crime a priority."

He will "reinvigorate federal civil-rights enforcement" by prosecuting alleged civil-rights abuses by local officials, such as the Jena, La., district attorney. "As president," his website says, "Obama will ensure that the section vigorously pursues such cases."

Suburban employers won't be safe from Obama's race cops, either.

"Anyone who thinks that such enforcement is no longer needed should pay a visit to one of the suburban office parks in their area and count the number of blacks employed there," Obama complained in his 2006 autobiography.

And woe to suspected disenfranchisers. "When fliers are placed in our neighborhoods telling people to vote on the wrong day, that won't only be an injustice, it will be a crime," he promised black graduates at Howard.

Also, "I will crack down on predatory lenders who all too often target the African-American community," Obama vowed, "with tough penalties that treat mortgage fraud like the crime it is."

It's plain where Obama's priorities lie.

"Jesus has a soft spot for thugs," preaches Rev. Otis Moss, the "wonderful young pastor," as Obama described him, who took over the pulpit from retired Rev. Jeremiah Wright at Obama's longtime church in Chicago.

Apparently so does Obama.

Monday, November 3, 2008

OBama supports weed more than tobacco

Here's somethang that sounds very odd.

While Obama supports a fed smoking ban and tobacco regulation, I just heard today he intends on decriminalizing weed if he's the next president.

That pic is messed up. Even if he was successful on that idea, how can you make it normal for people to smoke Js in public when they can't smoke those in places? A smoking ban to me means no smoking of anythang, including Js.

I know even if that otha leaf eventually becomes legal one day, I'd flip if someone told me "J smoking is allowed in here, but not tobacco smoking."

Well, someone who wants to decriminalize weed is a hypocrite if he supports banning smoking nationwide of a current legal product. Maybe he wants more cig smokers to switch over to weed smoking. LOL!!!

Decriminalization of weed is one definite thang I disagree with on Obama. Cause that sends a mixed message since he supports tobacco regulation at the same time. If you gonna try to permit me and othas to smoke a J openly in public, then I deserve the same darn freedom when it comes to smoking my Newports in places. I'm sure weed smokers would be exempted from your fed smoking ban, right? You can smoke Js in places, but not cigs...that sounds fascist to me!

I agree with your stances on several US laws although I aint gonna call em racist.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Smokers oughta be using these dirty tatics instead

I see thangs are getting ugly in the last 48 hours before the election. Thangs like fliers being left in Jew communities indirectly encouraging folks to not vote for Obama cause of "Let's not make the same mistake our ancestors made in the 30s and 40s. They ignored the warning signs" (Oh? They must mean the "mistake" of having Black people in America period..I'd raise my finga if I ever saw those actual fliers for myself)

Leaving fliers in several places and homes is a good idea for smokers and ban opposers who are pushing to get a smoking ban revoked. The only negative on that idea is you wouldn't know the addy of every single smoker/hospitality owner within the state fighting a smoking ban. I dunno if I'd leave those fliers in doors in the middle of the night eitha.

I notice some folks will do everythang they can in the last hours before Election Day to make Obama look like a terrible person by also sending outrageous emails and making bogus phone calls as well. These ideas Obama haters have could be used by those who are fighting smoking bans one day. But like I said, while smokers leaving fliers is a betta idea than sending emails and making phone calls, the smoking activists would have to find the addy of every smoker/business owner in the state in order to actually do that.

Leaving fliers on benches is a good idea. Unfortunately, someone might pay more atention to a negative flier on Obama compared to a flier dealing with fighting a smoking ban.

(I wish I could find out who made the flier encouraging Jew voters in I think PA to "not make the same mistake our ancestors made." That person or group is definitely racist)