Friday, October 31, 2008

US cig maker now lists ingredients on packs and cartons

The following citation (below my comments) is only a portion of THIS PAGE I found.

It's mainly a page that tells you what's really in a cig. This part of the page that talks about a tobacco company in the USA listing cig ingredients on their packs/cartons is news for me. MA is trying to make the companies list their ingredients in their cigs. Liggett is the company that now lists the ingredients. The otha tobacco companies are fighting with MA's decision.


Cigarette Maker Now Lists Ingredients

For the first time, an American tobacco company has begun listing long-secret ingredients contained in its cigarettes directly on the label. Yesterday, Liggett Group Inc. introduced cartons that the company plans to begin using that list the ingredients in its L&M cigarettes, including molasses, phenylacetic acid and the oil of the East Indian mint called patchouli. The move comes as the state of Massachusetts is trying to compel disclosure of all ingredients by all cigarette makers, an effort that other major tobacco companies are fighting.

Liggett, which broke with the industry by signing the first settlements ever with states and private attorneys suing it, supports the Massachusetts effort as well. "Liggett believes that its adult consumers have a right to full disclosure," Liggett head Bennett S. LeBow said in a statement. Along with blended tobacco and water, the 26-item L&M list includes high fructose corn syrup, sugar, natural and artificial licorice flavor, menthol, artificial milk chocolate and natural chocolate flavor, valerian root extract, molasses and vanilla extracts, and cedarwood oil. Less familiar additives include glycerol, propylene glycol, isovaleric acid, hexanoic acid and 3-methylpentanoic acid.

Some 600 ingredients are used in American cigarettes, but a Liggett spokesman said the L&M statement was a "quite exhaustive list" of every ingredient used in that brand.

Ingredients in tobacco products have never been proved harmful -- especially when compared with the many toxins found in tobacco smoke itself. But activists have long pushed for disclosure of the ingredients, in part because consumers tend to be more wary of risks imposed upon them by others than of the risks they knowingly choose.

The companies have provided lists of ingredients to the federal Department of Health and Human Services for more than a decade, but government officials are legally not allowed to release the information. The industry also presented a composite list of 599 additives to congressional investigators in 1994, but that was never officially made public.

David Remes, an attorney who represents the four other tobacco companies challenging the state of Massachusetts, said the case comes down to the industry's right to protect its trade secrets.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

My first-ever lecture on an antismoking forum

For the first time ever, I tried preaching on an antismoking forum.

If you want to read my post, CLICK THIS. I basically responded to that Q of "How come some people can stop smoking afta smoking only a few cigs, while othas can't?"

I basically tried using language they can understand (like if I pretend smoking is an addictive habit), and I used normal words.

I guess I'm the first-ever prosmoker to post on that forum. Although I tried my best to hide the fact I'm darn proud to be a smoker. The last thang I want my post to do is to let the fascists out on there with their negative comments.

Lorillard is a tobacco company that now supports anntismoking towards kids

I read a lil bit on that "Antismoking Website" link Thomas left in his posts with cited links for today. So Lorillard is joining the ranks of Big Tobacco companies trying to help curb underage smoking, and they fully support the "We Card" program?

That sure is hypocritical on Lorillard's part. If they are firmly against underage smoking, why the he!! did they have Newport vans going through Black hoods during the 70s, passing out free packs of Newports not just to adults but Black KIDS as well? They didn't seem to care about underage smokers back then. All they cared about was competing with Kool by trying hard to make smoking menthols look like a glamorous habit to "our" community. While getting actual Black smokers to switch to Newports back then was a plus for the company!

If Lorillard had ANY idea on how many people under 18 smoke Newports, they would probably say "OMG!!" I wish I could show em a few preteens around here who smoke that brand too....I've seen that a few times over the years.

Before that company can convince me they fully support the We Card program, they need to take the Newport packs outta the hands/pockets/ purses of EVERY underage smoker in this area. Cause here's some news....I have a strong good feeling underage smoking will NEVA stop as long as I live.

Lorillard and IL/Crook County oughta send Thank You cards to every underage smoker around here who can buy a pack of Newports in stores/stations easily. Cause if that teen neva bought the pack, that wouldn't be extra money for the state/county in particular. I think Lorillard gets a tiny share of every Newport pack sold.

Maybe Lorillard oughta focus more on fighting the possible menthol ban. Focusing on putting an end to underage smoking is a waste of time and money.

This is supposed to be the LINK TO THE SITE Lorillard is sponsoring with the antismoking theme...with the site focusing on youth smoking prevention of course.

If someone told me the tobacco company with the most popular menthol brand sponsored an antismoking website, I'd laugh hard at that. Especially since Lorillard showed support for smokers rights in recent years. I believe RJR is the only otha Big Tobacco company that supports smokers rights.

If you gonna support smokers rights and be prosmoking, you should give NO SUPPORT to antis in any shape or form.

Hoiw's this for a scare tatic from antis?

This is un-Fkin-believable indeed. Is this person implying that a kid can survive being involved in an auto accident, but if that kid is around me as I smoke, he/she will fall dead on the spot from SHS inhalation?

If any nonsmoker actually believes tobacco smoke is more dangerous to a kid than getting hit by a car, I'd like to know that nonsmoker's IQ level.

Halloween, Children, Dangers, Accidents, Candy, Razor Blades, Tobacco
, Smoking
Halloween: Biggest Risk for Kids is Surprising // Tobacco Smoke More
Dangerous Than Auto Accidents or Adulterated Treats

2008-10-28 15:38:57 - This Halloween millions of parents, and many
grandparents, friends, and neighbors will all warn children about the
dangers of motor vehicle accidents or eating candy which hasn't been
inspected, but most will fail to warn about the biggest risk - one
which may kill more children this Halloween than all of the others

On average, only a handful of children are killed in auto accidents
every Halloween in the United States. Although this reportedly is
higher than other nights, the number still pales in comparison to the
death toll from secondhand tobacco smoke.

According to the Archives of Pediatric Adolescent Medicine,
secondhand tobacco smoke kills more than one thousand children every
year from diseases including respiratory syncytial bronchiolitis, asthmatic attacks, and
other respiratory complications. This doesn't even include the larger
number of deaths each year from SIDS [Sudden Infant Death syndrome]
apparently triggered by tobacco smoke.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that each year,
even at the levels found in a home where only one parent smokes,
smoke causes in infants: 150,000-300, 000 lower respiratory infections
like pneumonia and bronchitis; 7,500-15,000 hospitalizations; 200,000-
1,000,000 asthma attacks; 8,000-26,000 new cases of asthma, and - as
noted - a large increase in deaths from SIDS.

Thus, suggests Action on Smoking and Health (ASH), adults should warn
their children this Halloween, and also on other days, against
visiting, going to parties, or playing in homes where adults smoke,
especially in their presence.

They should also stay away from a parent, grandparent or other adult
while they are smoking, and avoid being seated in the smoking
sections of restaurants - and in cars when adults are smoking - where
exposure is far higher.

The National Confectioners Association claims that the idea the
Halloween candy may be tainted with razor blades or poison is largely
an urban myth. So perhaps parents, grandparents, and other adults
should give more attention to warning kids about more clearly
established dangers, suggests ASH.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Koo Koos Nest gets busted by smoke cops

Here's an ARTICLE LINK from SJ-R on the same Koo Koos Nest that John was talking about recently within the IL smokers groups.

It sure is weird the smoke cops didn't do their darn job til SJ-R published a previous article on that Stone guy not having enough money to pay the smoke cops.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Elgin's luck runs out

Article link

City's luck runs out

Decline in riverboat revenues brings tough budgeting choices

October 26, 2008

ELGIN -- As officials prepare to embark on the formation of the city's financial plan for the next year, consideration will have to be given as to how to compensate for the continued revenue losses hitting the Grand Victoria Casino.

In April, The Courier News reported a near 20 percent drop in riverboat gross revenues for the first three months of the year compared to the same period in 2007. Several factors, including abnormally harsh winter weather and the implementation of a new statewide smoking ban were mentioned as possible causes.

Four months later, figures for the Grand Victoria have not improved. From the period beginning Jan. 1 and ending Sept. 30, revenues are down 20 percent from the same period last year, according to information obtained from the Illinois Gaming Board.

Surprisingly, the decline in money does not directly reflect a significant drop in admissions, with 1.7 million visitors during that period compared to 1.8 million in 2007.

By no means is the Grand Victoria alone. Each of the state's nine riverboat casinos have recorded losses ranging as small as 10 percent to as high as 24 percent.

What makes the plight of the Grand Victoria significant compared to other businesses struggling during these troubling economic times is the size of its impact on both state and local coffers.

Last year, the riverboat was the revenue leader out of the nine casinos in the state, grossing roughly $436 million, of which, $203 million in state taxes were collected.

Elgin's tax share from the riverboat was around $24.3 million. The city also receives $1 for every visitor to the casino, which accounted for approximately $2.5 million.

Money collected from the casino goes into the city's Riverboat Fund, which has been one of the largest sources of funding for many of its infrastructure projects for more than 10 years. The city's 2008 financial plan budgeted for around $24 million in riverboat revenue to fund more than 100 projects and programs.

From the beginning of the year until the end of September, Elgin collected $14 million in taxes, about $4 million less than the same period last year.

If trends remain, City Fiscal Services Group Director James Nowicki said the Riverboat Fund could see shortfalls of $4.5 to $5 million by year's end.

He said the decline did not in anyway put the city in jeopardy of not making its annual payment of around $1.7 million of its 2000 bond obligation used to fund the construction of The Centre of Elgin, but rather would most likely affect agencies and projects funded through riverboat revenues.

"Right now we're going through the actual projects and determining which projects can be postponed or delayed to one of the out years to compensate for what appears to be $4-and-a-half to $5 million drop in 2009 riverboat revenues," Nowicki said.

It has not been determined at this point which agencies or projects will see cuts in their funding, but anticipation had been mounting that some sort of belt tightening would be necessary.

Elgin City Council member David Kaptain, executive director for the community organization, Elgin Community Network, said in June, city officials sent letters to all 23 not-for-profit agencies that receive a portion of their funding from the riverboat warning of cuts as high as 17 percent totaling an estimated $250,000.

"Obviously it's going to impact some much worse than others," he said.

Riverboat funding also funds groups such as Public Action to Deliver Shelter, the United Way of Elgin, Boys and Girls Club and the Children's Theatre of Elgin.

Children's Theatre Office Manager Susan Heaton said cuts could mean having to perform shows with less, or reducing the number of days each show can be performed.

"In good times you're able to fly people like in 'Peter Pan' or 'Wizard of Oz,' those kind of things are very expensive," she said. "So those kinds of bells and whistles would definitely be the first to go."

Despite the budget challenges many agencies face, Kaptain said he did not feel the city would find itself in the same position as an increasing number of municipalities nationwide that are struggling to maintain basic public services.

"I think it's the smartest single city council decision that's been made as that they separated riverboat funds from the daily operating funds," he said. "Aurora I don't believe did that, and when your wages come out of that what do you do now?"

Losses this year at Elgin's riverboat currently rank fourth behind those of the Empress Casino in Joliet at 21 percent, Harrah's Casino in Metropolis at 24 percent, and the Alton Belle in Alton at 27 percent. Aurora's Hollywood Casino reported losses of around 18 percent.