Thursday, October 9, 2008

OBama is buming cigs


It's a wonder why Obama supports a fed smoking ban, and is acting more of an anti. But yet, this bro is bumming cigs!

That's hyprocrisy to me. If you bumming cigs on your campaign trail, then you more of a closet smoker who's brainwashed.

Death caused by smoking ban in UK

If you wanna read about someone getting killed by smokers getting outraged in being told to put it out, here you go.


'm not surprised this "crime" happened. Me got it in quotes like that cause if those smokers were freely allowed to smoke in the UK bar, that murder neva would've happened. That murder was a self-defense murder to me. If someone is gonna make a big deal about a non-serious issue (smoking inside of a garden within a bar), that person should suffer pain.

And I DID warn about seeing smokers hiding guns on their bodies when they enter adult-only places such as bars. Smokers gotta do what it takes just to enjoy a cig in public and without going outside. Even if it means using a gun for self-defense.

Some big news in relation to smokers/smokers rights groups

Here's some major news in regards to 4 smokers rights groups filing complaints against the 2006 report from Carmona (a former SG).


This is HUGE.
If you know who the Office of Research Integrity is, you'll know how major this is.
A project between groups working together, the following (see link) was released today.
It's hitting major news across the country.
An addded find on the US Surgeon General Carmona (the dupe behind the ban push), not in the press release. The group and money behind him is the RWJF who buys the bans thru the American Cancer Society.
Dr. Richard Carmona. Carmona has had two complaints filed against him--one for malpractice and one for quality of care. Both were dismissed. The board has not yet elected a new chairman.
Under questioning, Carmona didn't dispute reports that it took him eight years to win board certification in his field, general surgery, and that he failed the exam twice.

The complaints against him were detailed in letters to Kennedy from a University of Arizona colleague, Dr. Charles W. Putnam, and a health advocacy group as well as in a report in the Los Angeles Times.
Putnam, a fellow surgery professor at Arizona, contended Carmona was unfit to become surgeon general due to his lack of experience in health policy and an inability to work "in an effective or even a civil manner" with others.
Putnam also argued that Carmona's work on a sheriff's SWAT team was in direct conflict with his duty as a physician to "do no harm." He cited an incident where Carmona shot and killed a mentally ill man who was a suspect in a murder.
The candidate's supporters, however, said his law enforcement experience was an asset given the threat of bioterrorism. "That background is particularly valuable at this time," said Sen. Jeff Sessions, R-Ala.
Questioned about numerous health issues, including obesity, AIDS, the nursing shortage and drunken driving, Carmona agreed that each is a significant concern but offered few specifics as to how he would use the surgeon general's post to combat them.
On tobacco, he vowed to discourage smoking and agreed with Kennedy that nicotine is addictive and that tobacco companies market cigarettes to children.
Full article:

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Sport playas smoked decades ago

I'm sure a lotta baseball playas smoked in those days. I rememba Walter Jacobson mentioning how he used to be a Bat Boy at Cub games, and according to him, EVERY Cub player smoked in the dugout! I think that was in the 60s when he used to be at Cub games a lot.

He!! even tons of NBA playas used to smoke in locker rooms as well during the 60s too.

I dunno what's so surprising about sport playas smoking decades ago. Maybe if we were recognized as actual Americans in those days, and if the color barrier in sports broke a lot more earlier than the late 40s, me would've heard about more of "our" sport playas smoking too.

But if Blacks smoking was more common in the 30s and 40s, B&W would've had a hard time trying to make more Kools, and they would be begging otha comapnies to make their own menthols to keep up with the rise of Black smokers in general. LOL!!!!

I guess nobody in modern times would ever imagine sport playas ever smoking in those days. Goes to show you smoking cigs neva damaged a guy's ability to play any sport well. Baseball playas still dip. But you won't see em smoke in the dugout of course.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Wanna see classical cig ads?

Here's a site for those smokers who are much older than me. Me bets a lot of those smokers rememba these type of cig ads very well.


It's neat seeing ads with athletes in em. I recall seeing a Camel ad with Hank Aaron in it..the only time I ever saw a cig ad with an athlete representing "us" in it.

The difference between cig ads in the 40s and 50s and cig ads in the late 20th century is menthols weren't common in those days. (Of course Kool was the only known menthol back then). The otha obvious difference (and I don't mean these words in a negative way) is "we" didn't start appearing in cig ads more often til the 70s....when Big Tobacco actually started marketing cigs more towards "our" community with having vans that used to pass out free menthol packs in "our" hoods.

Free cigs used to be common at auto races (I believe) in the old days too. Those days are over. :(

Antis claim BigTobacco even lied in their ads in the days of nonfiltered cig brands and before menthols became more popular. Looking at those very old cig ads, me see NO lying. Me sees Big Tobacco using a clever way to market their products with people smiling in the ads and holding lit cigs. Obviously, making smoking look perfectly normal in the ads worked for them.

According to antis, the percentage of smokers increased in general in 1971 when cig commercials got banned on radio and TV. Aside from the fact more of "us" started smoking, I think the otha reason why the percentage of smokers went up in the 70s is cause cig ads started to become more common in mags and on outdoor billboards.

Since more kids saw cig ads more often in mags, and since mommy and daddy were exposed to positive-looking cig ads every day to/from work, it makes sense to me on more people starting smoking in the 70s due to the increase of cig ads in mags particularly. And not to mention smoking anywhere was normal as he!! back then.

As glamorous as these old ads look, I actually think cig ads in the 70s were betta than these. Big Tobacco made smoking cigs look like eating candy in my favorite decade of cig ads.

Comment on this page quote 2008/oct/ 07/smoking. health

>>>If your educational level is below the average, you are more likely to smoke. If you live in rented or overcrowded accommodation, you are more likely to smoke. Ditto if you do not have access to a car, are unemployed, or on state income benefit.

All I'm gonna to say is this person just described a poor person's life very well. Based on this logic, all smokers would be homeless and unemployed. But not all smokers are minorities eitha. I bet wealthy people on the otha side of the Atlantic smoke too.

And who said all smokers rent out apartments? Last time I checked, smokers live in houses too.

I agree on the point of if I lit up in a joint, it would be no biggie decades ago. But now (and at least for me) if you wanna light up now, it's different. Smoking is so antisocial, you'll be lucky to run into a person with good sense and happens to smoke. It's been a few months since I ran into a different type of person asking me for a cig or a light. I've seen those middle-class smokers in the streets. But I'm ignored by em, and I'm cool with that.