Saturday, September 27, 2008

Those classical cig ads make smoking look normal and healthy

I think it's actually cute to portray smoking as healthy as eating candy in some of those old ads I saw online.

Afta spending some time looking at cig ads online and afta seeing all of those smiles on the folks' faces within those classical mag cig ads, I wouldn't blame a smoker back then for making fun of me if I told him/her "A pack of cigs in he 21st century costs as much as a 6-case of beer in some states, and you gotta smoke outside in the darn cold."

Times have changed a lot for the average smoker. And I believe brand preferences for a smoker in my race has changed as well. I'm sure it was common to see "us" smoking various menthols 2-3 decades ago. But you'll be lucky to run into one of us smoking a menthol otha than Newports in modern times. And I'm sure the reason why is cause you can buy a pack of Newports off of the streets for 5 bucks. As high as cigs are, you gotta do what it takes to get cigs. Even if it means buying an illegal pack of a menthol brand you ain't normally used to.

Friday, September 26, 2008

This person lives in a fantasyland

(My comments right below this "box")

http://www.ottawasu Letters/2008/ 09/25/6870216- sun.html

Re: "Convenience store owners want teens forced to butt out" (Sept. 24). Store owners want kids to be forced to butt out. I agree with them completely. It's illegal for kids to buy alcohol, and as a result, public drinking of alcohol by kids is illegal. Why not do the same for smoking? Bylaw officers are very quick to ticket adults when caught smoking in a bar or other public building, yet these same officers drive by dozens of kids illegally puffing away on school yard sidewalks and do nothing about it. Something is very wrong here. By allowing teens to get away with this, we are encouraging them to disregard rules and break the law.



That person who thinks it's so easy to catch kids "illegally smoking" is dumb.

If that person thinks arresting a kid with a cig is easy, that a-hole oughta visit the Windy City and see how "easy" it is to see and catch kids puffing away on menthols. There are probably 1000s of kids smoking in this town!

And a lot of the teens who DO smoke here happen to carry weapons with em, and they likely ain't new to cop confrontations.

I dunno what Canadian underage smokers are like. But that anti can keep on dreaming if he thinks catching 1000s of kids with cigs is easy as he makes it sounds.

The truth is you asking for trouble if you gonna try to arrest a kid smoking. And I'm sure a Canadian kid with a cig can get outraged too.

One reason why I support underage smoking is cause I'm used to seeing it. It doesn't botha me at all. And that's just the tip of the iceberg as far as illegal thangs local kids do around me.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Comment on that article

And I wonder what those cops in Ottawa and Quebec are gonna do if they catch a teen smoking while walking home from school. Tell the kid "You under arrest for smoking contraband cigs?" Please!

I said it in the past and I'll say it again. The money is in the cig packs. Not banks. That's why you always see more and more folks selling packs in the streets at much cheapa prices. Those bad folks probably eitha steal cartons or get em from otha countries including the US. If you got 20 cartons of contrabrand cigs, and you sell em at 1 buck a pack, that's $200 made. Although I'd sell em at 5 bucks a pack....the same price a pack goes in the streets in the Windy CIty.

Mexico is the country that deals with illegal weed shipments into the US. The US is now being used in a similar fashion for shipping cigs into Canada.

If everyone stopped smoking, there would be no need for a black cig market.

Some news in relation to underage smoking

Convenience store owners want teens forced to butt out

A growing number of Canadian teens are smoking illegal cigarettes and convenience store owners are calling on the government to fix the problem.

"Trunks are being opened and 16-year-olds are being handed tobacco and nobody has the political will to do anything about it," said Dave Bryans, president of the Canadian Convenience Store Association. "It should be a huge concern."

The association commissioned a study which collected butts outside 155 Ontario and Quebec high schools, and determined 23% of teen smokers in Ottawa, 26% in Ontario and 36% in Quebec are puffing on contraband cigarettes.

"The government has even said some of these cigarettes contain feces and mould, but nobody seems to care," Bryans said.

Last month, the Canada Revenue Agency announced it will replace the plastic tear-tape around cigarette packages with a new excise duty stamp with security features that are harder to counterfeit.


But the new stamp won't do anything to stop the "baggies" of smokes being peddled at high schools, malls and flea markets.

Illegally imported from the U.S. and China, contraband smokes are often sold for $1 a pack as opposed to $8 a pack.

"We feel proud that we're not allowing kids to get these type of products, but everybody around us is ignoring this, so we've called on the federal politicians during this election to support a ban to make it illegal for anyone under 19 to possess, consume or purchase tobacco products," he said.

"It's almost shocking when you look at some areas."

The study was done by independent research company Arcus Group. Researchers collected 22,498 cigarette butts from Ontario and Quebec high schools.

They picked up 1,429 butts from 10 Ottawa high schools, 23% of which were illegal.

That's discouraging, said Chris Wilcox, general manager of Quickie Convenience stores. While government has been "piling on" legislation for legitimate tobacco retailers, kids have been going behind their backs to get them cheap and illegal.

"Despite governments' best efforts to keep cigarettes out of kids' hands, kids are getting them easier than ever," Wilcox said. "They're attacking the wrong target."

Sunday, September 21, 2008

A thought

These new reasons for banning smoking are getting more fascist by the month. What's next? Banning smoking in all homes so we can save the PETS from SHS?

It's hard to believe when I was a lil boy, smoking was the norm in society. There were glamorous cig ads (especially ads with smokey chicks in em), cig vending machines were common in family places, and of course, you could smoke in restaurants and bars back then.

Now, more people can't even stand being around smokers outside, cig ads are a thang of the past, and vending machines ain't even common in adult places anymore. If nonsmokers stopped drinking that anti poisonanda, they would realize smokers are actually friendly people who can make a difference in society. I hope smokers can make a voting difference this November.