Saturday, July 26, 2008

A thought

Me just heard from my gf's sista that she (the gf) is in the hospital today. This is the first time in my life where I have deep concerns for a special person who's outside of my family. I know the gf has tummy probs. Based on how much time we've been in touch with each otha every day in only a few weeks, I recall her mentioning how her tummy hurts on a few days. And how eating food makes her tummy feel bad. I bet the reason she's in the hospital has somethang to do with her tummy. Me just hope it ain't more serious than she thinks.

Whateva she has probs with, I'm confident her smoking has nothang to do with it. I can't see how smoking menthols for (in her case) 8 years can cause tummy issues. And she definitely ain't preg. Cause this issue for her has been going on from time to time over the past few weeks.

As I told her sista, I wished my gf to get well soon and betta while in the hospital. Unlike my mother, me bets the gf will pretend to listen to the doc (on those darn smoking lectures he gets paid to talk about) if he learns she smokes. He might even try to tie her smoking into her tummy probs. If a woman is having problems while trying to eat anythang, I seriously doubt her smoking caused those probs to begin with.

PS: My mother is still smoking, despite her being so determined to quit afta being in the hospital herself earlier this year.

Friday, July 25, 2008

If a friend sends cartons to a person, that shouldn't be like a crime

I think anotha reason why the states are so big in terms of cig carton being delivered to a smoker's crib from the net is cause they fear that a smoker out there is actually getting free cig cartons in the mail.

And I'm sure if the smoker's home state actually learned he/she even gets 1 free carton of cigs in the mail, then the STATE cops (if not the local cops) will come knocking on the smoker's door so he/she can try on some cuffs.

If there are any smokers that actually got jailed for getting free smokes in the mail, that's pitiful. So I guess even if a net friend sends you the free cartons, that's still the equivalent of the smoker engaging in crime by getting the free cartons? I guess it would be like a crime since the states ain't getting the smoker's money....but that's the case with MYO smokers not giving the states sheet as well.

But online friends sending cartons as gifts to their close smoking friend(s), and online smokers voluntarily sending cartons if the smoker agrees to pay for if a WI smoker agrees to deliver cartons to any IL smoker as long as the one in WI gets the "cig check/cash." Both of these are examples of smokers doing whateva the he!! it takes to get cigs without quitting and without paying 80 bucks for a carton.

It is sad that when someone especially sends cartons as a gift to someone in the mail, antis might try hard to put that into the same class as one of the smokers actually stealing cartons in stores (which is a definite crime on the latta)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

IL courthouse looks into smoking area


>>>"Malone said the courthouse has signs posted as required by law and has also removed cigarette butt containers to the end of the sidewalk, but if the county doesn’t have a camera observing activity on the courthouse grounds, “people could easily walk up” to the doors with a cigarette."

And walking up to the door with a lit cig is supposed to be like a MFkin crime? Walking up to the door with a lit cig used to be normal years ago.

If I don't agree with a law that I feel has an effect on my life, I ignore it...period. I ain't gonna try hard to respect a smoking law even if I disagree with it.

But I'm a criminal for having a lit cig near a courthouse door outside? How the F is a "camera" gonna stop me from smoking? Did Malone think about that? Is some hole supposed to come outta the clear blue sky and hold me in cuffs til the real smoke cops come to gimme a ticket?

This Fked up world towards smoking is getting worse by the day.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Airline decides to sell cigs on planes

As much as I love the idea of an airline selling cigs (and I love that pic of the chick getting a light), let's be honest. If a USA airline ever decides to sell cigs, that's immoral based on American standards.

But if I ever fly on a plane again, smoking is a must to me. I wouldn't mind buying a pack of menthols on the plane eitha. :)

I can't really smoke in a plane restroom without being disturbed. That's different than smoking in a public restroom where there's more room to hide at. But oh yes! I rememba barely living in the days when FREE cigs used to be given on plane flights!


Qantas to sell cigs on flights overseas

QANTAS has been slammed by anti-smoking groups for a decision to reintroduce cigarette sales on board international flights.

In a letter to staff, the national airline has asked cabin crew to "prominently display" cigarettes on top of duty free trolleys.

The company has denied the policy has any link to the appointment of a former tobacco lobbyist to the Qantas board.

Paul Rayner, the former chief executive of British American Tobacco Australasia, was yesterday named as the airline's latest non-executive director.

But Qantas says the move to offer three cigarette brands for sale on overseas flights was due to customer demand.

It overturns the airline's decision 10 years ago to remove cigarettes from its in-flight duty free range.

Health groups have received several complaints from Qantas staff, who are concerned at having to push tobacco products as part of their job.

The policy, which came into effect on July 1, has been branded inconsistent with Qantas' sponsorship of World Youth Day and children's cancer charity Canteen.

Quit Victoria has described the decision as "backwards" and a "greedy cash grab" at the expense of people's health.

"International flights are an opportunity for smokers to give up smoking, but having cheap cigarettes promoted to them by Qantas in-flight completely undermines this opportunity," said Quit boss Fiona Sharkie. "Qantas are cashing in on smokers who may be going through withdrawal symptoms on smoke-free flights … Perhaps the flying kangaroo should be renamed the cancer kangaroo."

Australian tobacco legislation prohibits cigarettes from being advertised or listed in duty free catalogues.

But in a letter to staff, Qantas management wrote: "… It's vital that duty free carts are taken out into the economy cabin with the cigarettes displayed prominently on top so customers know they are for sale and are aware of our entire product offering."

Anne Jones, chief executive of Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) said Qantas was in effect promoting cigarettes by instructing staff to have the packets in full view. She said several cabin crew members had complained to ASH about the policy.

"Qantas are saying: 'We're not promoting, we're just selling', but in their letter to the crew they're saying they want to prominently display the products on the trolley. It's a backwards step, and totally out-of-step with where governments are moving nationally and internationally to get displays out of sight."

Qantas Group general manager of customer product and services Lesley Grant said other airlines including British Airways, Cathay Pacific and Virgin Atlantic sold cigarettes in-flight.

"The availability of cigarettes reflects customer demand. Regardless of what the product might be, if we see changes in demand we review our product range. We comply fully with all government regulations regarding the sale of all duty free products," Ms Grant said.