Friday, July 11, 2008

Ever saw a warning sign on SHS in a smoking-permitted place?

I heard about this motel in Arkansas where you can smoke in the bar/tavern area But there's a warning sign in that same area about SHS being dangerous.

Who the F wrote AND put up a warning sign on SHS in a smoking permitted area? I'd take that dumb sign and put a warning up about GUN-smoke being more dangerous than SHS. Especially when a crook in the hotel pulls the trigga on that gun.

A warning sign on SHS in an indoor smoking permitted area. LMBAO!! Where the heck are the warning signs at Mickey Ds? You know, where people need to be warned about eating too much fast food will make em obese?

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Some thoughts

I notice more and more supermarkets in the Chicago area ain't selling cigs anymore. They ain't even selling cigars or smokeless tobacco in Ultra Foods stores anymore.

Me might be missing somethang. But I wonder if Ultra Foods banned selling tobacco items in their store. Tey used to even send packs of Bics. And me didn't see those lightas anymore in there.

So now you can't smoke in places, outdoor bans are becoming more common, and at least one supermarket chain is joining the ranks of actually banning tobacco sales.

It's amazing that there used to be a time where every regista in a supermarket used to have packs of several cig brands next to them, and now I walked into a first-ever supermarket in my life that doesn't sell ANY bacco.

Sheet, there was a time before I was even born where I could've even smoked while shopping in a supermarket. Bringing back those days of smoking in public is a dream. But I do know ppl need to see cancer survivors on TV as a way of proving smoking isn't as dangerous as society thinks. I can't smoke in a supermarket or anywhere else now cause everyone believes inhaling menthol smoke is the equivalent of me firing a gunshot at em. But someone needs to ask society how come SHS was safe decasdes ago but now it's as deadly as a gun in the 21st century? Somethang doesn't add up.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A video on the Hawaii Smokers' march on Defiance Day

Here's a vid from smokers in Hawaii protesting and defying their smoking ban back on July 5.

Thanks to Dave for sharing this vid with me and to pass along to othas!


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My comment for the Hawaiian fascists

A copy of my comment to the forementioned Hawaiian article on the World Smokers Defiance Day:


If you honestly believe that inhaling secondhand smoke kills 440,000 per year, let alone consider an antismoking org called ASH (where your URL came from) a legit source, then you ain't using your critical thinking. More people in Iraq have died over the past year than people in America dying form inhaling SHS. I know, because it would be common to hear of SHS deaths on the news every day if there was any truth to 440,000. And it would've been common for ME to see people dying from inhaling SHS in places in the early years of my life.

The people weren't silent. They were silent til they started falling for the lies from antismoking orgs like ASH.

If I told you SHS kills 1,000,000 per year, would you believe it? If not, why would you believe 440,000?

Does ASH have PROOF that 400k+ die from smoking per year? I highly doubt it! That is a made-up number of deaths.

Tobacco is killing the Earth with cig butt littering? Hardly!

I guess I've been a litterbug for several years since becoming a smoker. But at least I don't throw 10k bottles and 10k cans on the streets per year as drunks do in the streets.

Littering WOULD NOT be a issue at all if indoor smoking was neva banned. And oh yes, I can't forget about seeing more crushed and empty packs on the streets.

I dunno what's the biggie about "littering" to antis. I'm forced to smoke outside thanks to em. And I have no choice but to throw my butts on the ground. I throw empty packs on the ground too if I ain't around a nearby trash can.

Maybe if antis wanna stop seeing "smokers litter," they oughta get rid of the smoking bans. Or install some darn ashtrays on the corner of every single street/intersection. But til we start seeing more ashtrays outside, sometimes I have no choice buy to drop butts and empty packs outside. And I disagree littering with butts/packs is rude on the smoker's part.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Hawaii Defiance Day (2nd annual)

Here's an article summary on the Hawaii Defiance Day. Too bad I can't see the pics Dave is receiving from any smokers online. I'd LOVE to see pics of smokers having cigs in prohibited areas. Those pics would turn my prosmoking side on (but in a NON-sexual way....except for maybe chicks smoking in prohibited areas)


No smoking even outdoors at Indy airport...just in cars!

This is an eye-catching post I came across in the SFD-USA group. You can only smoke in cars at the Indy airport! How Fked up is that? Just more proof that smokers' freedom of smoking outdoors is taken away at anytime!

I came through the airport June 13 (arrive) and June 20 (departed).
My experience at the airport was normal, other than the fact that I
got treated rudely by security because I was not smoking in the
correct area OUTSIDE. Being a smoker I am used to rude treatment.
This is not what this letter is about.

I just found out through the WTHR-TV news web site (it was forwarded
to me) that smoking areas even outdoors are no longer available.

Who the hell are you and what have you done to freedom? You are an
outrage to the flying public and should be relieved of your job.
Smoking is now only allowed in cars? What about the people who are
smokers who have a layover in your airport? Do they break in to some
ones car to obey the law? What started as manufactured health scare
has given birth to a monster with your name on it that knows no bounds.

The flying public would do well to avoid your city like the plague
(the indy plague, sounds catching) and whoever came up with this idea
needs to be sent, on the next available flight to the front gates of hell.

The American traveling public deserves better than the likes of the
your airport management.

ON behalf of all smokers who fly on a regular basis, CRAM IT!!!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

OT: My search for a real smoking lady

Oh, I'm still alive. Yesterday was probably my first day in ages of not making even one post in IL smokers or within my group.

That's likely cause it didn't take long for me to find anotha new sista for being a gf prospect. Smoking with her and talking in a van was a new experience for me. Especially when she showed me the tray I could use in there. Most modern vehicles have no trays or lightas. But I guess this one is an exception, since it didn't feel like I was in an old van.

I can tell this sis is gonna be a lot different than that liar I brought up last month. Cause 1) Even though she told me to call her when I get back to the crib from our meeting yesterday, she called me herself en route to me going home. Showing concern for my safety is loving. and I thanked her for the nice call.

2) I got my first taste in a long time in having a female friend period getting mad at me in regards to communication. She was a lil peed off that my phone was off en route to our meeting. I just told her "My bad," and it wasn't a biggie. But I learned the fact she wants to keep in touch with me for most of the day and EVERY day even while I'm out is anotha sign of a nice and really loving lady.

Last month was an experience for me. But it's cool I essentially found a female version of myself now. A nice and real sista who is more of a smoker than a drinker, and she believes me smoking around her son is perfectly normal....the closest smokers rights topic I brought up to her indirectly. Since the topic of parents smoking around their kids being child abuse to antis has been brought up before online.

Her quote (from my memory): "Smoking around my son or ANY kids ain't child abuse. Sh!t, it ain't even remotely close to a parent who molests and abuses kids for real. I agree with society being F'ked up on that smoking topic."

We did talk for a few days before meeting in person. But it was the fastest 1st meeting I ever had afta initially meeting any chick online. Took us only 3 days to meet in person afta chatting online/by phone at first. And both of us were very happy with the first offline meeting.

That's all I'm saying about this new lady in my life. This is not just OT for the group, but just like her, I don't really need to be telling my business (or OUR business I mean) to othas. But I do know a few were probably wishing me the best of luck afta that last experience failed for me. But I can tell these words to those smokers online who are thinking of me. I'm convinced this smoking sista for a new gf is gonna be a lot different in a positive way for me. Especially since she doesn't view relationships as games too.