Saturday, May 24, 2008

Blurring out smoking on TV

I heard off of anotha smoking forum, some of these reality TV shows are blurring out people smoking on the shows. I mean like if say you see a chick holding a cig in her hand, what the show will do is blur out that cig as well as her hand. So they'll give viewers the impression that nobody smokes in the real world.

That is crazy on us living in a time where modern TV shows will go as far as blurring out cigs and the hands holding the cigs. I dunno how blurring out smoking will make viewers think nobody in this world smokes. I can walk around the corner and see people younga than me smoking. And I still see lots of adult smokers in downtown Chicago (although it's true you don't see as many adults smoking down there compared to say 10 years ago-even cops/security guards were smoking in public back then).

I guess they blurred out that chick's cig (on the reality show) cause the producers believed a smoking woman is obscene. That's freaked up thinking.

This Orland Park Mayor is a snotty prick

Quote from that Orland Park page I read on Jim Blogg's "I Smoke, I Vote and I help" site: (Orland Park link is in RED on that linked page within this post)

>>>Mayor Daniel McLaughlin supported the ban, claiming his wife's lung cancer was due to secondhand smoke.

So based on this mayor's illogic, we should ban smoking if our wife and gf gets lung cancer due to SHS?

How the F does that d!#k-head know if his wife got LC form SHS indeed? She could've gotten LC from being in a family that has a deep history of members getting LC, whetha they smoke or not.

And since she's a nonsmoker, I tend to believe she would've gotten it anyway if cancer deaths are common in her family..

I rememba reading in these groups that if you smoke, you have a lesser chance of getting LC. One nonsmoking sista told me once she hates smokers cause she got LC from the SHS. I said nothang to her outta respect and since she IS a sista. But if you gonna tell me in an email that you got LC from inhaling SHS, how come ** I ** neva got LC from inhaling SHS from my mom for 13 straight years?

No offense sis. But just like the Orland Park's wife, you've been brainwashed by antismoking poisonanda. I'd like to think b00b cancer is a bigga concern for ALL chicks out here. Wait! Don't tell me you can get that cancer from simply inhaling SHS too!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Missouri casinos are rocking

If antis want to blame the economy and hi-A gasoline prices, can one of those perverts answer this Q?

Why are the Missouri casinos seeing increases in revenues? The economy and gasoline prices ain't stopping people from gambling in those casinos at Missouri. Maybe it has more to do with the IL smoking ban, dumb-arses!



New Lumière Place casino drives area gambling pot higher again
By Tim Logan

The region's casino industry had another winning month in April, but
most casinos saw business decline.

Gamblers spent $85.1 million in St. Louis' six casinos, according to
figures from Missouri and Illinois regulators. That's up 3.2 percent
from the same month last year, the fourth straight month of gains.

The growth continues to be driven by the half-billion- dollar Lumière
Place casino downtown, which opened in December. But while Lumière
has helped grow the market, it has taken business from competitors.

Harrah's in Maryland Heights was off 15.5 percent for the month, and
the Illinois smoking ban continues to hurt the Casino Queen in East
St. Louis and the Argosy Casino-Alton.

Ameristar Casino in St. Charles, however, posted its first revenue
gain since Lumière opened, a small increase.

Three reasons on why I smoke

1. I like the menthol taste - This one should be obvious. A reg cig is good occassionally. But since more Big Tobacco brands are becoming fire-safes, my days of smoking regs might be over. Unlesss I ever wanna try the Seneca of those Native brands with pure tobacco in em. Regs taste great if they have nothang but tobacco in em.

2. Smoking is sexy - If you don't enjoy the feeling of a lit cig in your hand or mouth, and if you don't enjoy the feeling of inhaling precious smoke into you, then you weren't born to smoke.

3. Smoking gives me pleasure in my life - As much negative sheet goes on within my life, even a brotha needs some positiveness in his life. And smoking menthols is my main outlet for that positiveness and pleasure. I wouldn't be Jay if I neva smoked. I'd be a nobody. And if I couldn't smoke for several hours, I'd be tempted to beat someone up good who is a negative person (ie: anti, a racist white person)

I still like posting in my blog. But if the mothableeping antis didn't know, I DO have a life outside of the net.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

This mom is a sicko but she's stupid for a hood-like mom too

It's unfortunate that there are sick moms like this who make all smokers sound like sick drug addicts. And while I agree she should've been arrested for abusing that 2-year old, and while I agree it's wrong to let a kid that young smoke..I wish I could get confirmation on her being a Black mom who lives in a hood area (since this happened in Milwaukee).

I wanna contact her and teach her some thangs in order to avoid going to jail for her. One of those thangs is letting your kids smoke publicly. Society wouldn't apporove seeing even 9-11 year olds smoking. And the only time I see kids smoking in pubic period are in "our" streets but not the "normal" streets. So what made her think that restaurant would tolerate seeing a 2-year old with cigs?

I don't support her actions, but she oughta know herself there are some thangs in her life society doesn't need to know about. And one of those thangs is obviously letting her 2 yer old smoke and play with cigs. If/when she gets arrested, I hope she learns a valuable lesson about doing evil thangs like that publicly.

That lesson is similar to seeing a kid drink beer in the hood but you neva see the young bro drink in the open public for obvious reasons.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ban the Ban Wisconsin

Ban the Ban Wisconsin launches Operation Mollycoddle

Ban the Ban Wisconsin has officially launched a new campaign aimed to counter the surging efforts being put forth by anti-smoking organizations. Keeping with stated policy, the campaign is not aimed at encouraging smoking; rather the purpose of Operation Mollycoddle is to encourage choice.

Polk County, WI (PRWEB) May 16, 2008 -- Ban the Ban Wisconsin, a nonprofit organization opposing smoking bans, has officially launched their Operation Mollycoddle campaign as of this week. While still keeping with their stated policy of not encourage smoking, the campaign is taking a new direction from previous efforts by specifically targeting the general public instead of the anti-smoking organizations.

Operation Mollycoddle was designed for the explicit purpose of encouraging the general public to reclaim themselves as responsible adult citizens who are capable of making their own decisions and counter the overwhelming attitude that people need to be forcibly protected from themselves. While a large portion of the campaign is based in humor, the underlying message is one that should grab people's attention and force them to ask the question "why?"

While Ban the Ban's previous efforts have been based on questioning the science, this new direction instead questions the rationale and asks the question as to why people are conceding to being treated like children. While science is still a major factor, it will not carry a visible presence in this campaign.

"The question that began to plague us was why it is that more people aren't outraged by this. Is it apathy, or are they simply not seeing the bigger picture? As responsible adults, we are personally offended that our ability to make decisions and live with the consequences of those decisions is being called into question. We are not children who need to have our hands held."

The campaign is relying on volunteers to help stir up people throughout the state using a variety of tools available on the web (Operation Mollycoddle website).

About Ban the Ban Wisconsin: BtBWI is a nonprofit Wisconsin organization dedicated to fighting smoking bans based on the principle of the right to choose.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Smokers Rights groups ain't secrets of Big Tobacco

I may be a smoking activist. But I can guarantee you Big Tobacco doesn't pay me to say "Smoking bans hurt businesses and they don't curb underage smoking." I can see for myself bans make businesses close up shop. If smoking bans have curbed underage smoking, I dunno why I've seen teens AND preteens in the hood smoking. Not EVERY bad kid smokes, but lots of em smoke cigs and Js like it's a normal part of our lives.

And technically speaking, it's normal to see an underage bro/sis smoking those. Oh I didn't forget them drinking. But this isn't an alcohol blog.

And I'm sure there are still teens in otha areas of the nation who start smoking 365 days per year. There are probably more teen antismokers. But underage smoking in the US will never go down to zero percent.

Here's the article on antis' view of smoker rights groups.
Smokers Rights Groups are groups that historically were set up secretly behind the scenes by the major tobacco companies to protest clean indoor air laws, higher tobacco taxes and to advocate for tobacco-friendly policies. Smokers Rights Groups (SRGs) were created clandestinely in the U.S. by the major tobacco companies of Philip Morris and R.J. Reynolds, usually through public relations firms, to produce the appearance of "grass roots" opposition to laws restricting smoking in public places. The U.S. SRG, set up by Philip Morris, was the National Smokers Alliance. European groups had names like HEN-RY, Smokepeace and FOREST (Freedom Organisation for the Right to Enjoy Smoking Tobacco).[1][2]

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