Saturday, May 10, 2008

If I'm gonna pay ANYONE money, I'm gonna smoke! And if you don't like me being a smoker, you can screw off!

A Cub fan asked me "Is smoking allowed here?" I told him. "There's no smoking anywhere. But you can sneak a smoke in the restrooms. That's what I do. The Cubs don't mind taking your money. But you can't smoke? No way! If anyone's gonna take MY money, I'm gonna live in that place by being a smoker!"

A co-worker was laughing afta I made that "I'm gonna live and smoke in here if you gonna take my money!" comment. But I was being serious. I know if I paid lots of money just for a ticket, then the Cubs can complain to Springfield and Blago-Botch about me sneaking smokes in one of the restrooms. That's the same mindset ALL smokers in IL need. You ain't doing anythang wrong by sneaking smokes to me (no matta where you are). Are smokers doing a bad thang by smoking in a tavern's restroom or by using empty cans as their ashtrays?

If the Cubs got a problem with those clouds of smoke in the restrooms, then they should ask Roddy "Why did you sign that bill last year?"

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A rare article that focuses on opposers of smoking bans (OH)

It's Time for Truth in Ohio. Opponents of Ohio Bans Weigh In.

-- Shelly Kiser, advocate for the American Lung Association, stated she doesn't think the smoking ban has lowered liquor sales and that there may be an orchestrated campaign to allege receipts are off 30%. She further stated "hundreds and hundreds of studies" show there's no harm to liquor sales or the economy from smoking bans. It has become clear that smoking bans do harm Ohio business. When state government acknowledges that truth, anti-smoking advocates predictably cry "liar."
    The smoking ban in Ohio is hurting businesses.

-- In 2006, Ohio Department of Job and Family Services projected a 10,000
job gain for the hospitality and leisure industry for 2007. The first
12 months of the smoking ban saw 5,400 lost jobs for that industry.
-- Data obtained from Ohio Division of Liquor Control: both wholesale and
retail (home consumption) sales from 2003 - 2006 had a steady growth in
number of bottles sold. However 2007 presented a different picture,
wholesale sales declined sharply. Factoring in the growth the industry
had been experiencing, permit holders lost a potential of $67,441,632
in sales in 2007. Before these numbers are blamed on a bad economy,
consider that retail had a whopping increase of 1,384,148 bottles sold
from 2006-2007. People who smoke resent businesses that do not allow
smoking and many stay at home.
-- The above losses imply that there has been a $4,264,446 decline in
sales and use tax from bars and restaurants.
-- One large beer distributor reports a 5% loss in sales.
-- The coin machine industry, including juke boxes and pool tables, is
down 20 to 30 percent in liquor pouring establishments.
-- The trickle down effect includes the loss of income to musicians,
karaoke vendors, snack vendors, and costs to the State of Ohio for
enforcement of the ban.

"Ohio is not unique. Bar owners and clubs across the U.S. are crying foul. Pubs in Germany, Ireland, the UK are closing. Hospitality business owners in Germany are angry because they were told their pubs had nothing to fear from the smoking ban and how commercially successful bans have been in Ireland, the UK and the USA, where bars were allegedly teeming with 'new' customers," said Debi Kistner, Opponents of Ohio Bans.

"If hundreds and hundreds of studies show there's no harm to businesses, why would business owners complain? Why would they fight the smoking ban? Why would they want smoking if their businesses were doing so well without smoking?" Kistner asked.

"Voters were misled when they voted for Issue 5. They voted for a ban they were told would not harm businesses. Therefore, Issue 5 should be declared invalid and overturned. Put up a sign warning of the presence of tobacco smoke, and allow businesses to reap the benefits of a true economic stimulus package," said Pam Parker, Opponents of Ohio Bans.

Related Web site:

SOURCE Opponents of Ohio Bans

Off-Topic: Why I like OBama

I heard OBama won 2 states, including Indiana.

If I was gonna vote for someone based on his view of smoking bans, me voting for Paul would be a no-brainer. And while smoking bans is one of my issues of living in this Fked up nation (no offense to those outside of my heritage who are proud to be Americans), my bigga issue is which candidate is gonna help improve the lives of poor-class Americans. Especially the candidate who actually cares the most about our community. OBama is a no-brainer in that regard.

Most of the cig smokers are not just in the poor class, but we live in a time where kids who grow up in my community think smoking, drinking, and being gangstas or bullies are all perfectly normal. They see how their non-working parents struggle to make a living. And when they see their parents doing illegal thangs in order to get money, the kids assume that "In order for me to make a living as a man or woman, I gotta become a bad boy/bad girl and get my money by hurting othas. Or by selling packs of cigs behind closed doors."

That's not the mindset I grew up with when I was a lil boy. I did have an interest in playing with cigs before I was 10. But I neva thought of taking a gun to school to get what I want. I believed back then in order to make a living, I gotta work.

What I DO know is if all of these hood parents had betta luck in getting hired at jobs, and if they had some ways to get money the GOOD way, then that in itself would help cut down on high crime rates. And it could actually help put an end to seeing even preteen kids smoking and drinking.

Cause those kids would be raised with good parents with jobs instead of bad parents. When nobody hires you at a job, that in itself can help you become a bad person. Since you need to get money some kinda way out here.

Even if OBama DID have a plan for making life as a Black person betta in America, that would at least cut down on the crimes. It's actually funny you can make more money on a bad job instead of a REAL job.

It's true that not having smoking bans would help the unemployment lines go down. But even if we get rid of smoking bans, that's not gonna end secret discrimination towards us among employers out here. Meaning the unemployment lines will STILL be long. And we will always have folks in hoods whose only job in life is to live in evil fashion. Sheet, a lotta young bros/sistas could even care less about staying in school. Their mindset is: "As long as I get my hands on some cash, why the F do I need to go to school?" If they got lots of cash, their smokes, their drinks, and maybe a bf/gf who's closer to my age, they're all cool.

Life as a poor person wouldn't be like this if we ever had a President who actually cares about ALL Americans. And not just the wealthy class.

What I described in this off-topic post is EXACTLY why I'd be shocked to see a w-person enter a business that I actually owned. Even if he/she is an actual smoker. "You can smoke in here since you ARE a smoker. I'll let you fly in that sense. But I'm more concerned about your safety when you leave my place."

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Smokers Club at the Joliet Harrah's

Since most of the voters in my previous poll on here think the IL smoking ban will get modified or revoked in the second half of 2008, I narrowed it down to those particular months in m new poll.

Those 6 voters who think the ban will neva change or get revoked must be antismoking voters. Who gives a sheet about what they think? They so concerned about SHS killing them. But yet, they forgot about smoke from a gun killing them for real!

This new smokers club in Joliet (the one assosicated with Harrah's in Joliet) is a nice idea. It reminds me of the old days when we Blacks used to have Blacks-only restaurants. But unlike a Blacks-only restaurant, a smokers-only club might be forced to close down by the antis.

But that's appalling when you think of this. Africans who used to live in America in the 50s were not officially considered to be Americans, which gave certain White folks back then every right to shoot and/or abuse an "illegal slave." But when we earned our civil rights by the 60's that all changed. But get this....while older generations of us werr fighting for the right to be recognized as Americans, and despite the torture we used to get from certain Whites, we were legally allowed to have Blacks-only joints! Those racists could have cared less if Black-onl restaurants existed!

But yet, the 21st century Blacks, that being smokers, are prohibited from openign up smokers-only joints! How F'ked up is that? Especially when a lot of these smokers in America are White smokers who always been legal Americans since the date of their birth! So theyhad civil rights forever! But yet, they ain't welcome to have a smokers-only business!

That's discrimination towards smokers all right! I actually wouldn't mind hearing a smoker ask someone in Springfield "How come Blacks were allowed to open up their own places, but I can't open up my own business for smokers only, in this case?"

I could still open up my own Blacks-only tavern if I wanted. But even if I had the money to do that, I would still be turned off by the IL smoking ban. If I was gonna be the owner of a Blacks-only business, I'd let all brothas and sistas smoke in it.

I'd even let Whites enter my business if they show me the cig pack, cigar, or pipe first. If you White and you smoke, you would get a free pass from me. Since it's true you can hardly smoke anywhere anyway.

Monday, May 5, 2008

This anti nees to hear from a REAL speaker for a school audience

"You have to make the choice yourself," Young said. "Nobody makes you chew tobacco. Nobody makes you smoke a cigarette."

( Quote from THIS ARTICLE . )

This quote is specifically from an ex-smoker who spoke in front of students at a school.

So if you're telling the truth [in your quote], why the F are you speaking to students in a school, and why are you trying to convince them to NEVA smoke or chew?

If I wanted to speak to students in a school, I'd tell them about the discrimination they will get if they start to smoke. And they gotta learn to fight that discrimination. If it is a school with mostly young bros and sis, I'd tell them:
************ ********* *******

You know a lot about Afro-American history. And if you analyze how smokers are treated in modern times, you can see for yourself that smokers get the same treatment older generations of Blacks used to get.

Before someone tells you people don't murder or torture smokers, tell them to read this book in my hand (Dissecting Antismokers Brains). I still recall reading about a pregnant smoker getting murdered to death outside. And the person who killed her didn't take anythang from her. He just shot her to death cause he saw her smoking outside.

Oh yes! Smokers ARE being treated as slaves. Smokers may not be getting whipped in the rear end in the southern states. But EVERY state is whipping their wallets by putting bogus taxes on packs. The average Black person is poor. So how is a Black smoker supposed to afford 8 bucks for a pack of Newports or Kools? It's bad enough a lot of bros and sis out here can't even afford to buy food! I'm sure otha smokers hate the high prices too, since they gotta make sacrifices in order to continue getting cigs (like buy less food, spend less time driving, etc)

I'm not trying to convince everyone in here to start smoking. But I do know smoking cigs is not the worst thang any Black kid can do. I'd be more concerned about a Black kid who is a pro at using guns and Black kids who smoke blunts.

And if you DO decide to start smoking, I can guarantee you you might have a betta chance of dying young if you get murdered. You are not committing suicide by smoking cigs.

And lastly, rememba to stand up for your rights as a smoker in this country in the same way you would stand up for your civil rights as a Black person in America. There are already a lot of Black smokers out there. But not too many of them actually believe in defending themselves as smokers. A lotta em accept smoking bans and discrimination as most smokers do in America,

I like seeing kids in the hood getting mad and violent if someone catches them smoking or catch them trying to buy those Newports in the streets. They'll even bully someone for simply saying "You shouldn't be smoking yound man/young lady."

I just hope they use that anger in the same way towards antismoking lies when they become Black ADULT smokers.