Saturday, April 26, 2008

If more smokers and owners across the US were like this, smoking bans would fail quicka

Sounds like the owners and smokers in Iowa ain't going down with a fight so to speak. If more folks across the nation were like this, smoking bans wouldn't last for very long.


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Friday, April 25, 2008
Clinton bar owners merge efforts to fight smoking ban
CLINTON, Iowa — At times it resembled a political rally, a revival
meeting and a telethon all rolled into one.

But the theme of Thursday's meeting of bar owners from across Iowa
was clear: If they hope to defeat the state smoking ban, bar owners
must pool their resources.

The meeting was hosted by the Clinton Organized Bar and Restaurant
Association, or COBRA, but drew about 70 bar owners and patrons from
as far away as Fairfield, Keokuk and Blairsburg.

COBRA President Jon Van Roekel said the purpose of the meeting was to
merge five to seven separate efforts throughout the state into one
organization and raise money to hire an attorney and seek an
injunction to stop the state from enforcing the new smoking ban,
which goes into effect July 1.

The new law bans smoking in Iowa bars, restaurants and most
workplaces, with the exception of casino gaming floors and the Iowa
Veterans Home in Marshalltown.

Twyla Peacock, owner of Tillie's Tap in Keosauqua, seemed to sum up
the feeling in the room about the Iowa legislature.

"I have said the F-word more the last few weeks than I have in my
entire life," she said to cheers from the room at the Odeon, a
Clinton tavern. "They're going to drive me out of business, and I'm
not going to stand for it."

Van Roekel said COBRA is merging its efforts with those of Brian
Froelich, owner of Fro's Pub and Grub in Wilton, who is organizing a
group called the Iowa Bar Owners Coalition, or IBOC

Froelich said by passing the law, the legislature violated the rights
of small business owners and put their businesses in jeopardy. He
said he already has heard from some of his customers that they plan
to build bars in their basements if they are not allowed to smoke in

"I don't know about you, but I'm a little scared," he said.

Van Roekel said if every food and liquor-license holder in the state
pledged $200 to the effort, IBOC could raise enough money to fight
the issue all the way to the Supreme Court of the United States. Van
Roekel said he wants the issue to go that far so Iowa's law can be a
test case on the issue.

Bar owners took turns at the microphone, criticizing the law and
pledging money to the effort in amounts up to $1,000.

Marty Maynes, owner of The Union in Iowa City, said he has contacted
several bar owners in Iowa City and Des Moines, and said organization
was the key to defeating the law.

"If we all would have banded together like this from the beginning,
this law never would have been passed," Maynes said.

Kat Barrick, co-owner of the Silver Dollar Supper Club in Blairsburg,
said she brought with her the names of 27 other bar owners willing to
donate money, and said her bar is accepting donations for a "slush
fund" to pay the fines of the bar if its patrons are caught smoking.

Nicole Baker, chairwoman of the Clinton County Republican Committee,
also attended the meeting to encourage Iowans to vote out the
legislators who voted for the bill.

That message was echoed by Les Shields of Clinton, who ran
unsuccessfully as a Republican in 2006 against Rep. Polly Bukta, D-
Clinton, who voted in favor of the bill.

Shields said bar owners are smart people who know what is best for
their businesses.

"They don't need government telling them how to run their
businesses," he said.

A meeting for those interested in supporting IBOC's efforts will be
held at 4 p.m. May 4 at the Knights of Columbus hall at 1111 W. 35th
St. in Davenport.

Steven Martens can be contacted at (563) 659-2595 or
smartens@qctimes. com.
http://www.qctimes. com/
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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Robert Ripley Defense Fund

I was asked to share this with as many smokers rights forums as possible.

Robert Ripley Defense Fund

We believe that absolutely no business owner, who has the courage to stand up against a smoking ban by openly flouting it, should have to pay so much as one dime out of his own pocket for his defense when challenging such a hateful and mindless piece of legislation in the courts. Please read this well written appeal for donations for the Robert Ripley Defense Fund from Kenn Rockler, Executive Director of the Bowling Proprietors Association of MN and The Tavern League of Minnesota. Then lets show the anti-smoking movement, the politicians, and the rest of the world how quickly, we who care deeply about the freedom of business owners and individuals, and who are opposed to fraud, corruption, and racketeering in public health organizations, can fill up a defense fund when called upon to do so!

Jim Blogg
Chief Executive Officer
FORCES International

April 24, 2008

Tavern League Members

Bowling Proprietor Members

Concerned Citizens for Individual and Property Rights

This appeal on behalf of a defense fund for Robert Ripley and the Bullseye Saloon defense fund is everyone’s fight who cherishes and believes in the rights of individuals and hopes to protect the thousands of jobs that are being lost in the hospitality industry. Almost all of you are familiar with this case but just in case a few of you aren’t, here is a brief description. Bullseye Saloon in Elko-New Market is one of many bars and taverns in Minnesota that have run plays such as the “Tobacco Monologues” which are allowed under The Freedom to Breathe Act. The Minnesota Health Department has been trying to threaten and bully these sites into signing agreements that the establishments will cease running these theatre nights during which actors are allowed to smoke.

In the case of the Bullseye Saloon they served him with a note of hearing where they are seeking an injunction requiring him to cease the productions until the court rules on the legality. To the average person such as myself this is ludicrous to maintain that irreparable harm will occur if Bullseye Saloon is allowed to continue these productions since 100% of his employees smoke, and nineteen feet from his establishment is a non-smoking establishment, where those patrons that want a beer or Pepsi in a non smoking environment can go. That being said Robert has elected to stand his ground and has retained Patrick O’Neill Jr. as his attorney. This is an expensive fight and the Tavern League and BPAM have agreed to assist in raising funds. To date we have been able to send checks totaling only $3,000 to the defense fund. Donations have come from many of you already and the people at Forces have been invaluable as their members from thousands of miles away have sent checks. Many of these checks have come from non-smokers who ask “Where and when will this abuse of government power stop?”

We are asking that you do one of two things or both if you are in the hospitality business.

1. Send checks made out to the Tavern League to my attention. Note on the check that it is

for the Bullseye Defense Fund. No check is too small. We have received checks for as

little as $5 and as much as $500. If you have friends, relatives, suppliers, and employees

who feel strongly with you on this issue, ask if they wish to contribute.

2. Place a jar or jars in your establishment dedicated to this fund. Some of our members did

this and there are many people who agree on the cause but only afford loose change or a

few dollars. If you need a color label to tape to your jar, Sheila Kromer and the Tavern

League will design and mail or email you the flyer (to attaché to your jar) requesting donations.

100% of your donations will be sent to the defense fund! As a great American once said, “Surely we will hang together or we will all hang individually” ! I have discussed this with Mike Warring the President of the Bowling Proprietors who is a non-smoker like myself. We agree this fight concerns every man and woman who cares about individual freedom and property rights!

Kenn Rockler, Executive Director
Bowling Proprietors Association of MN &
The Tavern League of Minnesota
235 Roselawn Avenue East Suite #17
Maplewood, MN 55117

On the web or www.tavernleaguemn. org
BPAM Phone: 651-487-2141 or 1-800-622-7769
Tavern League of Minnesota 651-487-2149 or 1-877-332-9257
Cell phone: 612-205-0110

Some thoughts

Decades ago, a lot more people were smokers. Cigs were a lot more affordable back then at less than a buck per pack (albeit the economy was different back then as well). And every smoker was buying packs legally. It was even perfectly normal for a PRE-teen to buy a pack of cigs from a machine in those days. There was no violence among confrontations of smokers back then eitha.

Now, we live in a time where more smokers are evading the tobacco taxes instead of "quitting smoking." (Rememba that claim of raising the prices will make more smokers quit? They wish!) There are people selling cigs in the streets, smokers re using empty cans as ashtrays in hospitality businesses. And it's starting to become more common of people lighting up in restrooms of these same places.

Did I mention that holding a pack of cigs in the 21st century is like someone holding loose cash in his/her hand or some jewels for that matta? That's how valuable one pack of cigs is like in modern times. I'm sure people would be fighting over packs if a group of smokers around me saw a carton of Newports on the bench. I ain't trying to be funny eitha.

Antis wanna blame smokers themselves for the way they act towards smoking in public. But if the govt neva stepped into smokers' lives so to speak, people would still be able to afford cigs, people would still be free to smoke in places, and most importantly, we wouldn't have smokers in cities like mine treating grabbing packs and cartons as if they carrying a bag of stolen cash.

Smokers themselves ain't violent and rude. The govt is responsible for making smokers like that. Raising the tobacco taxes will make states lose more money since people will find alternative ways to get cigs. Buying cigs online is almost like me actually buying cigs in the streets, but screw the govt!

It's sad enough to hear of someone getting murdered just cause he/she refused to give a cig to someone who asked for one. Or even if the person DOES get a cig, he might ask (in particular) that chick for somethang much bigga than a cig at night. As in "Gimme your money, and I won't hurt you." Stupid crimes like this would neva happen if smoking bans neva existed.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

39 Whirlpool workers suspended for lying about their smoking status

All I can say is it's appalling that the Whirlpool folks are treating this as a serious offense. Rape is more of a serious offense. A worker lying about being a nonsmoker is not a serious offense (and that's putting it nicely).

If you smoke and you had to pay more money for insurance, wouldn't ypu lie about being a nonsmoker to your boss too?
http://www.foxnews. com/story/ 0,2933,352112, 00.html

Whirlpool Corp. Suspends 39 Workers for Claiming to Be Nonsmokers
Tuesday, April 22, 2008

EVANSVILLE, Ind. — Whirlpool Corp.'s Evansville plant has suspended
39 workers for smoking while claiming on their health insurance that
they were nonsmokers.

The company requires smokers to pay an extra $500 in insurance

Company spokeswoman Debby Castrale says the workers were seen by
others smoking in designated smoking areas outside the plant.

She says Whirlpool considers falsifying company documents a very
serious offense. Final disciplinary action is pending fact-finding
meetings with each worker over the next few days.

Castrale says most of the suspensions were of production employees.
But she says more suspensions could come, possibly including some
administrative staff.

Monday, April 21, 2008

The economy is not hurting casinos

(This is a letta to the editor I sent out)

I'd like to comment on the letter a reader sent where this person claims the smoking ban hasn't hurt restaurants in his/her area. He/she even went on to say "Heck, people can't afford food, electricity, gas for their cars and house payments, let alone gambling."

Well if people can't afford to keep up with their utility bills, I find it VERY strange (based on this person's logic) that people can still "afford" to go to a bar or restaurant. A person can afford to buy food in a restaurant, but that person can't afford to buy food for himself/herself at home? That comment sounds like an antismoking comment.

And you don't need to pray for me. You need to send out prayers to these mom and pop businesses in Illinois that are struggling because of the smoking ban, Their customers used to be smokers, and now their customers can't smoke in those small businesses anymore.

If you want to send prayers to smokers, pray for these women up here in Chicago who smoke outside late at night and they end up becoming crime targets. Now that people can smoke outside, bad people in the streets will try to take advantage of those innocent people. I even heard about some homeless people asking drunk smoekrs outside for more money over this past winter.

If smoking bans don't hurt your area, good for you. But that doesn't represent the whole state of Illinois. I do know if someone can't afford to go to a casino, that person shouldn't nbe able to afford to go to a tavern or restaurant in your area either.

Actually, using this person's logic of people not being able to even afford gasoline, we wouldn't see vehicles anywhere on the road. Why drive if you can't afford to pay for gasoline? And that logic is funny to read.

Someone who blames the economy for revenue drops is VERY stupid

It's been a while since I wrote an original comment in here. But here's one I have for now in the midst of my busy life.

Antis want to blame the economy for the casinos' revenue losses in IL. As in nonsmokers (and smokers) can't afford to visit casinos anymore.

Well, those a-holes need to wake up and smell the coffee.

If the economy was the REAL reason, then how come I still see large crowds at both Chicago ballparks? People wouldn't afford to go to baseball games and not just not go to casinos. How come smokers are still traveling outta state just to buy cigs, gasoline, and have drinks and meals with their smokes?

Cause the way I see it, if someone couldn't afford to gamble cause of the economy, that smoker wouldn't be able to afford to travel outta state period.

Someone can't "afford to gamble" in IL but that person can still afford to drive miles outta state in order to buy cigs, drinks, and otha items. Neva mind smokers who travelled to those smokers rallies downstate.

Based on anti logic, those smokers wouldn't be able to afford to spend time on the road finding places to use their freedom to smoke at cause of the economy. But it's the STATE SMOKING BAN that made those casinos lose revenues.

Heck, cause of the economy, they would think more smokers would stop their wonderful habits of smoking period. But that ain't happening with the serious smokers out there, myself included.
Those smokers, including myself, just ain't buying cartons in IL period.