Friday, February 29, 2008

Black Hawk Tobacco Shop

If anyone's looking for a trustworthy smoke shop that sells Native cigarette brands (ie: Seneca, Smokin Joe's, The brand called "Native," etc), feel free to check out this Native-owned shop by CLICKING THIS.

Me also added a link to my blog off to the side. I haven't bought from this shop yet. But I decided to give one Native smoke shop online a promotion. Since Native shops are not required to report orders to their customers' states. And the Black Hawk Tobacco Shop confirms this on their site. If they did report orders, me wouldn't even add them to my links on here.

They also sell Smokin Joe's cigars. I love the customer service at this site. I got a timely response to my email from them on Myspace. They're very honest unlike otha smoke shop online reps that lie in response to Q's. (At least the reps I heard of who are liars)

I notice this shop even allows me to buy a carton of mixed brands....somethang you can't do at most online shops. I could buy a carton with 5 regular packs, 5 menthol packs, or even a carton of 5 Seneca Menthol packs, and 5 Smokin Joe's Menthol packs. (That was only an example....I'm sure you don't have to buy carton of could even be 2 packs each of 5 different bands in the carton)

Note: This shop only sells Native cig brands. Not the premade cig brands that contain chemicals and artificial ingredients. Native cigs are made with 100% natural tobacco. Senecas taste a lot like a premium premade brand at the cheap price. Except the Senecas taste even betta. And I can chainsmoke 7 Seneca menthols in a row without feeling headaches and without getting drowsy.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

RE: The smoke-in

Hey Allan,

You can at least send John an email to at least show support for his smoke-in (if you ain't able to call him). Can I please share your comment in my IL Smokers Alliance group? Me noticed you made comments about the Trib in it. The Trib are the EX-owners of the Cubs now.

A smoke-in at W. Frankfort, IL on March 1

What betta way to start off March Madness by having a large turnout of IL smokers showing their madness at a state smoking ban by lighting up at a shop as part of a smoke-in!

John Hemminghaus, a West Frankfort, IL business owner, still plans to have a smoke-in at his business this Saturday, March 1. He's been threatened by state authorities to receive a $2,500 fine if he still plans on having the smoke-in. But we of IL Smokers Rights will set up a fund to help him pay for that fine.

I hear at least 200 smokers will be at that event. I can't attend because of thangs going on with my ailing mother, and the fact I don't have an easy way to reach that town since I don't drive. I intend on keeping up with it, since it sounds like this smoke-in will get local media attention. The smoke-in starts at noon in John's shop.

If any smokers want to contact John and give him support, here's his contact info.

John Hemminghaus
Wounded Rig Inc
18349 Route 37
West Frankfort, IL 62896
jonhemm@peoplepc. com

That address is where the smoke-in will be held at.

If you plan on attending the smoke-in, please contact Jim Blogg at:
Phone: 815-365-2396

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Smoking can help prevent a smoker from getting asthma

Maybe I should neva stop smoking just to avoid getting asthma myself. And smoke some natural menthols from now on on top of that. I have quit smoking premade menthols because those Newports don't taste the same ever since me tried Seneca menthols. Those Newports don't even taste like tobacco is in em eitha.

So smoking not only helps certain ladies stay slim. Smoking also helps prevent me from getting asthma, and it helps new smokers get rid of their own asthma.

Those are two benefits of smoking antis don't want to hear from a prosmoker.

When antismoking sources mention how menthols are more dangerous than regulars (the main reason why I have a so-called greater chance of dying from smoking than otha groups of smokers), they forgot those "menthols" they talking about got chemicals and additional levels of nic the companies put into the menthols. I even rememba a guy at an offline smokers meeting stating that Newports have chemicals in em that are proven to cause cancer.

I refused to believe it at the time because it's my life. I still believe I smoke because it's my life, my business. But based on how that premade brand tastes now, I'm convinced those ain't REAL menthols.

If more Black smokers switched to natural menthols, or at least made their own menthols....I wonder if antis can say then we have a greater chance of dying sooner by smoking menthols that have nothing but tobacco, natural nic from the tobacco, and mint flavoring inside each cig. The oldest smokers I heard of eitha smoked cigars, or made their own cigs.

Exposure to SHS

Exposure to SHS doesn't cause sheet, including asthma attacks. Exposure to me and crushing my menthols might cause an "attack" of a different kind.

Outta all of the fictional thangs SHS exposure causes, I'm surprised exposure to SHS doesn't cause a pregnant chick to suffer a miscarriage. I mean afta all, pregnant smoking in itself causes "harm" to the unborn baby. (yeah right...that's why me got "harm" in quotes) So maybe if a pregnant chick inhales SHS, she will have a miscarry.

Do I think that's the truth? Heck no. SHS exposure causing a miscarry is just about as believable as SHS exposure killing a nonsmoking chick without an unborn baby in her.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Q for antis about asthma and not smoking

It's been said before that asthma rates have gone up with more smoking bans popping up and with more adults quitting smoking.

My mother was diagnosed with asthma last week (She's back in the crib for the record). But she wasn't actually smoking for two weeks when she got the asthma.

It is odd, based on antismoking logic, that my mother has smoked for 40+ years, and neva had asthma. But yet, when she decides to quit smoking, THAT'S when she actually becomes asthmatic.

Me knows darn well her past smoking didn't cause her to get asthma. Because if her smoking caused it, she would've gotten it a HECK of a lot sooner than now. She stopped smoking, and even though me ain't smoking around her, she got asthma afta being a nonsmoker for two weeks.

Wassup with that, antis? Especially since you liars teach that the act of smoking causes a smoker to get asthma??

Monday, February 25, 2008

RE: Wounded smoker at the PA subway

Someone at anotha forum said that PA smoker who pulled out the gun at cops is stupid. This is one of my lengthy replies to that smoker being stupid and how pulling out guns at cops makes smokers look bad.

************ ********* ********* *******
hat's one reason why smoking bans have been successful. Because the best supporters of smoking bans are smokers themselves who are willing to obey the law. Antis argue smoking bans do not hurt businesses when you have a large crowd of smokers outside.

If smokers ever want to see smoking bans get revoked, it will never happen if people are willing to smoke outside of any place, including taverns, without any problem from smoke cops. I applaud that IL owner who plans to have a smoke-in at his business on March 1. If you want to be able to smoke in places again, and if you want owners to decide for themselves if they should allow smoking or not (instead of letting the state dictate our lives), then resistance is the only way that goal can be reached.

That guy smoking in-between the train cars is an effect of what happens when you ban smoking in a city. The guy pulled out the gun after he refused to put the cig out. That's not surprising in the real world. Especially in a big city where crime is common. There are probably more smokers with guns than I may think. And if someone bugs them about smoking a legal product in a prohibited area, then I hope that person doesn't pass out form seeing a smoker pull out a gun in self-defense.

We don't need smokers pulling guns out at cops at all. And the only way that's going to happen is if smoking bans ever get revoked. If antis ever get their wish of a smoke-free USA, then the US WILL become more violent. Because not every smoker is brainwashed into thinking SHS kills others and SHS hurts kids. And I'm sure there are some owners who will still allow people to smoke in secret fashion within their businesses. I wouldn't be surprised if those owners got guns themselves.

A law on banning smoking is stupid unless tobacco ever gets illegal.

For the obese people, you're the next group being targeted by fascists. Smoking bans ain't about health whatsoever. It's about greed from antis who simply hate smokers and tobacco. And for smokers who believe in fighting for smoking bans, it's all about trying to preserve the few freedoms we DO have in the land of the nannies. If we allow Big Daddy to take away one freedom form us, then the govt will take away MORE freedoms (like the freedom of eating as much as you want in restaurants)

This is the land of the NANNIES now. If this is gonna be a land where govts tell me how to live and tell owners how to run their businesses, then I'm not an American anymore.

You can't fight a smoking ban with debates with antis. You gotta fight smoking bans by resisting. If more smokers ignored the bans across America, the bans would be a failure. Because while cops are busy trying to stop millions of people from smoking in the wrong areas, the REAL crimes would increase. It would be alot easier to get away with robberies and murders while cops are busy trying to arrest 100s of fed-up smokers.

And if anyone thinks a smoking law will make the world a safer place for all of us to live, you're far from reality. Get rid of the smoking laws. And then you wouldn't have to worry about ANYONE resorting to violence as a way of defending his/her right to smoke a legal product.

Go ahead and follow the smoking law. That means you think smoking bans are good for businesses, and you think banning smoking will make society a better place to live in. But the reality is smoking bans make society a WORSE place to live in. And having smokers with guns is only one effect from a smoking ban that makes society worse instead of better.

More effects that make society worse with a smoking ban is the ban causing more debt for the state of IL, businesses seeing 40-50 percent drops in revenues, and more workers getting laid off (as is the case with Harrah's in Joliet)

My conclusion is the smoking law is making life in IL miserable. And what happened with that Philly man is only a preview of things to come in Chicago. I'll predict someone will walk into a crowded Chicago restroom filled with smokers (homeless people included), someone will point out theres no smoking in here, and that person will receive threats from a smoker if the person refuses to leave til the cigs are put out.

In a world without smoking bans, you wouldn't have "crowded restrooms with smokers" and "smokers threatening someone for refusing to leave him alone."

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Smoker gets wounded on PA subway

This sad article might be a preview of thangs to come on a Chicago train. This smoker may have broke two laws on the train (he stood in-between the train cars and he smoked).

What's so surpising about him pulling a gun out at the cop? Me said before we will see more armed smoker s in public in cities like Philly, and more smokers smoking in prohibited areas than you may think.

Me will bet if he wasn't a smoker, he neva would've been standing in front of two cars to begin with. And plus, if he was welcome to smoke in any public place within Philly instead of smoking outside, me bets smoking in-between train cars is the last thang he would've done.


Smoker on subway wounded by police
By Barbara Boyer and Sam Wood

Inquirer Staff Writers

He was insisting on smoking while riding on a subway, but police tolerated that about as much as they tolerated having a gun pointed at them.
The incident, yesterday on the Broad Street Line in North Philadelphia, began about noon, when two plainclothes officers riding a northbound subway on a routine detail spotted a man smoking a cigarette between cars, said Jim Whitaker, a spokesman for the transit agency. At that location, the trains travel at 30 to 35 miles per hour.

The officers, who have been employed by SEPTA for two years, but whom authorities declined to identify, asked the man to put out his cigarette.

The man refused, and when the line arrived at the Allegheny station, he was escorted off the train, Whitaker said.

Smoking and riding between cars are prohibited.

But the man became confrontational, according to authorities, drew a handgun, and threatened the officers. The officers pulled their guns, and one them shot the man at least once in the right shoulder, Whitaker said.

The wounded man, whose identity was not released by police, was taken to Temple University Hospital, where he was treated for a non-life-threatening injury, Whitaker said. The officers were not injured.

Initial reports were that the suspect did not fire his handgun, which was recovered.

While Philadelphia and SEPTA police investigated the shooting through early afternoon, crowds of commuters gathered on Broad Street from Girard Avenue north to Erie Avenue as SEPTA buses arrived to shuttle those affected by the interrupted service.

Numerous SEPTA buses were seen along Broad Street, some with "emergency service" flashing on the sign above the driver.

Shortly after 3 p.m., all service was restored, with the evening rush unaffected.

Some riders who were waiting for shuttle buses during the interrupted train service expressed concern about safety, but said they would not stop using public transportation.