Saturday, February 16, 2008

A license to smoke will not work

I read about a proposed idea in the UK about requiring adult smokers to buy permits in order to smoke. And one smoker thinks the idea in the US would work


That idea HAS to be a joke. Why the F would I need a license to smoke cigs? You need a license to own a handgun and a license to drive motorcycles. But if you gonna propose a license to smoke, where are the freakin licenses to drink alcohol?

I mean seriously, a permit to buy tobacco won't work. Hood kids will ask someone they know with the permit to buy cigs for them. And I'd ask smokers with licenses to buy me cartons too. Oh don't worry. Just like with a kid offering me "cig money" to buy a pack for him/her, I can offer a smoking chick my money to help me get smokes.

And what about FAKE permits to smoke? I'm sure a fake permit can be made in the same way underage brothas and sistas use their "real" fake IDs to buy smokes, drinks, and tattoos.

What a permit to smoke can do is put an end to cigs being sold underground. Because since taxes on cigs would be illegal (with the license idea), and since buying cigs from a govt agency would work....cigs would be affordable again.

All a kid has to do is give the smoker the money before the smoker goes to that govt. agency. And I can do the same thang myself. How would the govt know if the smoker is buying cigs for personal use only and not on behalf of me or a young smoker from the hood?

What's next? Someone is gonna propose I pay 10 bucks extra for a carton for simply being a Black smoker?

I hope this UK idea goes up in smoke before it becomes accepted. There are flaws in a LOT of proposed laws out here.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

FSCs pose health risks

Here's one FSC article I found. With the help of a poster on Smokers Club forum.

Fire-safe cigarettes pose health risks
Oakland Tribune, Jun 27, 2005 by Steve Geissinger, SACRAMENTO BUREAU

SACRAMENTO -- A bill by Democratic lawmakers that is aimed at making cigarettes more fire safe -- but would make them potentially more dangerous to smokers' health -- faces its last key hurdle in the Legislature today.

The Assembly bill, set for a Senate hearing and then likely swift final approval, has advanced without discussion of data buried in a Harvard School of Public Health study this year that shows fire- safe cigarettes contain at least 10 percent more of two harmful ingredients.

At the same time, recent state fire statistics indicate the measure may not be crucial to preventing deaths of smokers or firefighters due to longtime household fire-proofing rules and other factors. Nationally, activists have tied hundreds of deaths to unattended cigarettes.

The legislation, which would ban the sale of traditional cigarettes starting next year, also could cost the deficit-ridden state millions in tax revenue as smokers dodge higher California cigarette prices by making purchases on the Internet or elsewhere, according to state tax officials.

The measure -- principally authored by Assemblywoman Wilma Chan, D-Oakland, and Assemblyman Paul Koretz,

D-West Hollywood -- mimics legislation adopted by New York and under consideration in a handful of other states with support from health and public safety groups.

While some U.S. cigarette makers have remained neutral on the California bill, others have opposed it, citing costs and other problems.

But Koretz said that "we now know that not only are these cigarettes easy to manufacture, but they are as acceptable to consumers as regular cigarettes."

"How many more lives must be lost before other states gain access to safer cigarettes," Koretz said, referring to out-of-state lawsuits over the issue and other legal battles involving the tobacco industry.

The Harvard report on fire-safe cigarettes shows in complex tables that levels of carbon monoxide -- related to heart disease -- and naphthalene -- linked to cancer -- are boosted the most when manufacturers use special, banded paper that slows burning, which is helpful when a cigarette is left unattended.

Carbon monoxide is boosted by 11.4 percent and naphthalene by 13.9 percent. Other carcinogens, such as fluorine, are increased by about 6 percent.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I've been smoking FSCs longa than I thought

I got a big shock of my life this morning. I can confirm Newports are FSCs already. I saw the three deadly letters of "FSC" in the pack's bar code. FSC stands for Fire-Safe Cigarettes.

This is the biggest shock of my life. And no wonder I've been smoking a lot less on Newports recently. While I'm smoking more than a pack on some menthol brands that actually taste minty.

Good-bye Newports. I made the mistake of not checking the bar code months ago. But I feel like I've been duped. At least I won't have a hard time getting rid the rest of these packs. Since some brainwashed bros/sis in the hood don't even know what FSCs stands for. As long as they're Newports, they'll smoke em. FSCs or not.

I'm in the process of looking for online proof that FSCs have more chemicals in them, Since some smokers online are convinced FSCs have fewer chemicals.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

This is a classical quote on an anti bringing kids into the debate

This is a classical quote from an anti in that article on the owner's sign. I replied to this quote, although my comment on there had respectable language.

" Kids are exactly who we need to talk about in this debate! I grew up with both parents smoking, because of their habbit I cough up nasty flem just like they do. They are 30 years older than I. I didn't ask for that punishment, but I have to live with it. "

This person is one of the silliest antis I've seen online. I neva heard of ANY kids coughing up crap as a result of living with smoking parents. And if this anti thinks he's been punished by living with smoking parents, what does that make daughtas who grew up with abusive dads?

Calling living with smoking parents punishment for the child is dumb. A parent who smokes ain't a evil parent. But a parent who abuses his/her own kids fits that definition of an evil parent.

I guess my mother "abused me" as a teen by simply encouraging me to try smoking before I snitch about it? Puh-leez! I certainly told her "My bad for the sheet I gave you as a lil boy" once I learned the truth of smoking for myself.

Antis oughta follow her advice instead of drinking poisonanda.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Want to view some UK-based Youtube smoking vids?

Here are some freakin cool smoking ban vids from the UK on the Youtube. I'd say F*** ALL smoking bans. Not just the UK smoking ban. I'd die even if I neva smoked. Why the F should you care if I smoke? I know if you especially take away menthols from smokers, we gonna fight and I'll smoke YOU instead. I wouldn't be the same person without cigs and ESPECIALLY without menthols.

Those owners in the first vid are heroes indeed!



Sunday, February 10, 2008

Teen chick dies from SHS in a bar

I think there are some flaws in this report.


1) What the he11 is a teen chick doing in a bar period?

2) Asthma can be triggered by a lot of thangs.

3) What was this chick thinking when she applied for the waitress job in a smoke-filled bar? Someone with asthma shouldn't be working in a smoke-filled bar period.

4) If she tried applying for a job in a bar over here, she would need a fake ID. Because according to my understanding, under-21 folks ain't allowed to work in bars within IL. Or at least bars in the Chicago area.