Friday, February 8, 2008

My first blog post of a pic of a smoking brotha

I wanna try to do somethang I neva done before in this blog. And that's post pics of smokers. But I prefer posting pics of fellow African smokers. I could post pics of African kids smoking in here (I actually came across pics of that nature online). But I ain't doing that. Because I know how America views underage smoking in general.

Antis would flip if they came across pics of African kids smoking that I found on Google. And the funny part is, those were pics of smoking kids who are actually living in Africa (and not Black kid smokers in the USA).

Owners need to use resistance against the smoking ban


During my years of being a smoking activist, this is the first time EVER that I came across an article about an owner who uses resistance against the smoking ban. This IL owner is not even worried about authorities visiting him. Because he said he will argue with them.


If more owners nationwide learned to use resistance, smoking bans would fail.

Someone who's willing to put up a fight with authorities for HIS choice to let people smoke inside of his business reminds me of the 60s when certain people risked their lives by using resistance against hatred towards "us."

Smoking bans save lives? LOL!!!

I read a comment from an anti online (I forgot WHERE I read it), and this chick was VERY THANKFUL for a smoking ban. According to herself, now that a bar is smoke-free, she doesn't have to worry about SHS killing her in there. She even said her life has been saved thanks to the smoking ban ROFL!

WTF is wrong with this pic?

I know what's wrong with it. Smoking bans do not save people's lives. A smoking ban can't shield you from someone with a weapon in the streets. Smoking bans don't help pay our monthly bills. Smoking bans don't even buy thangs in stores for me. Should I ask a smoking ban to buy my Newport cartons too? Someone buying cigs for me would save my financial life. LOL!!!

I don't feel my life is saved at all. I feel it got worse wit hone of my American freedoms being taken away.

If that chick really thinks a statewide smoking ban has saved her life, then I sincerely hope she neva becomes a crime victim. I can name thousands of people n my community who would laugh at hearing someone thinking a smoking ban saved her life. Even a guy pulling a chick outta a building with fire in it is more closer to saving a life than a smoking ban "saving a life!"

I know I've seen more proof over the past month on smoking bans KILLING owners/workers' financial lives instead of SAVING their financial lives.

Casino workers laid off due to IL smoking ban

My sympathies go out to these Harrah's Workers in Metropolis who lost their jobs recently. What happened to smoking bans do not hurt businesses?

Just more proof that my side is right, and antis are a bunch of liars.


Casino layoffs blamed on Ill. smoking ban

METROPOLIS, Ill. -- Officials of Harrah's Metropolis riverboat casino claim Illinois' new smoking ban has resulted in the layoff of about 30 jobs at the casino.

Casino officials claim guests are spending less on entertainment and making fewer trips because of the ban and the casino suffered a drop in visitation compared to the previous six-month average.

General manager Mike Rich says a "national economic slowdown" also bears some of the blame for the layoffs.

Rich says the casino, which employs almost 1,000 residents of Illinois and western Kentucky, has no plans for additional layoffs.

Metropolis Mayor Billy McDaniel pointed out Thursday that he predicted when the smoking ban went into effect January 1, that it would have negative consequences on the local economy.

Man files fed lawsuit against IL Smoking Ban

First off, finding IL joints with outdoor patios is actually harder. I heard some IL joints WITH patios still don't allow smoking on it. Since you're less than 15 ft away from the doors leading to/from the restaurant's patio.

Here's an encouraging article to read. It's nice to see a IL vet fight back. I wish him good luck in winning his case.


Man Files Federal Lawsuit Against Illinois Smoking Ban
By: Carly O'Keefe

DIX, Ill. - In filing a federal lawsuit against the Smoke Free Illinois Act, Vietnam veteran Frederick Price says he's not a big shot--just an average Joe trying to defend freedom as he's always done.

"I went over there to fight for your rights--as a non-smoker, and my rights as a smoker," said Price.

While Price can't afford a high-dollar attorney, he wanted to do what he could do. He wrote out a formal complaint by hand, alleging the Illinois Department of Public Health, Governor Rod Blagojevich, the Illinois Legislature and the Illinois Attorney General have discriminated against him as a smoker. He filed the lawsuit Monday at the Southern District Federal Court in Benton, Illinois.

"The right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are the very basis of the Constitution, and they're being denied. My rights are being denied," said Price.

Price believes some restrictions on where smokers can light up are acceptable, but he argues the ban shouldn't take an all or nothing stance. There should be some middle ground.

"If you have the right to have a non-smoking place, you should have the right to have a smoking place, for those who do smoke," said Price. "They should have made a compromise, the way they wrote the law they took that all away and I'm not going to surrender to that."

Price's soon-to-be son-in-law, Chad Evans, a two-tour Iraq War veteran agrees. Evans said he didn't go to another country to fight for freedom only to come home and see his freedoms taken away.

"We're supposed to be the home of the free, but we're not, we're steadily and progressively being told what we can and cannot do--soon we won't have any freedoms at all," said Evans.

Frederick Price says he plans to take the lawsuit as far as he can to restore the freedoms he feels have been taken away. His family also plans to circulate a petition in opposition to the ban.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

I will NOT make the business list at all

Afta reading thoughts from otha smokers on my idea of constructing a business list, I will throw that idea in the trash. It was a good idea to me at first.

But the last thang I wanna see happen is antis busting into a Chicago bar in hood fashion, where they get violent with anyone they see smoking in the bar. And I certainly don't want IL cops raiding into any bar in IL or otha business that is ignoring the ban.

Because let's face it. A business ignoring a smoking ban is illegal. Although I've seen some REAL law-breaking several times, and I personally don't see what's illegal about smoking a cig in a building.

And even if I exchange the list privately, some smokers are right. There's no freakin way for me to tell if the person is a smoker or not in an email. Antis actually do pretend to be smokers online.

So I'm sorry. I guess if you smoke, you will have to find those "law-breaking" hospitality businesses in IL yourself. Because I feel if a business gets raided, or if a smoke cop or anti actually shot a smoker to death during the raid, someone might try suing my Black A since I provided a list, and that's how those cops/antis learned about the business. I don't need someone pressing charges on me for doing somethang I thought was a good idea.

Therefore, I'll focus on keeping up with otha IL smokers/owners who want to sue the STATE instead. It's partially funny a business ignoring the smoking ban has to be kept secret in the same fashion as these hood teen sistas who hang out with older men. Because breaking a smoking ban ain't comparable to a teen girl having an adult bf (which is REALLY illegal in society).

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I did NOT convince my mother to start smoking again

This is a message for those rude-A mothas online who hinted I played a role in convincing my mother to start smoking again. I never smoked around my mother over the past month, and I never asked her if she wants a cig.

She came to me and asked me for a pack of cigs. I gave her the pack because if I didn't, she would've gotten outraged and beat the living crap out of me like in my lil boy days.

And I understand how it feels to be a smoker. We know nobody lives forever, right? And we know she wouldn't live forever if she never smoked again, right? So what's the freakin big deal about her smoking again? She's lucky to be alive period since a bullet in the air could've killed her at anytime in the streets years ago.

I am not gonna quit smoking for the sake of my mother. The best I did was not smoke around her. I'm gonna enjoy life to the fullest. In a town like Chicago, she should be more worried about someone trying to take advantage of her, or someone threatening her with a gun.

It's not the end of the world if someone smokes again. A lotta former smokers light up cigs/cigars again. I'd rather see her smoke cigs than J's anyway for her sake of not living in a JAIL for the rest of her life!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Smoking ban causes smoker to fall down stairs and break his neck

This is a post I read from my group. But it's very sad to hear of a death like this happening. If there was no smoking ban, we wouldn't have to be careful when walking down stairs just to smoke!


I live downstate , Centralia,IL. Last Thursday a guy was at one of the
bars in town, went out to have a smoke,fell down the steps, broke his
neck........ ......... killed him. A life gone because of this STUPID
law! And I know some may say it was his time to go, perhaps, but had
he been able to smoke sitting on the bar stool he may still be
here!!!!!! I think his family should sue the state myself!

Monday, February 4, 2008

I wanna know the IL places that are ignoring the smoking ban

These are two smoker-friendly places within the Windy City that I just read about online. If you know of any more places in the Chicago area that are eitha smoker-friendly or are ignoring the smoking ban, feel free to drop me a line at

1. Nar Hookah
806 W Randolph

2. Fizz Bar and Grill
3220 N Lincoln Ave in Chicago.

Their website:

Fizz Bar and Grill, it has the heated out door patio for those who would like to smoke. There is a picture of the tented area if you scroll down on the cover of the website. Fizz Bar and Grill serves drinks and food.

A bogus study on smoking I came across online

I'm gonna respond to these points brought up in this study: (My comments in bold) I gave ALL of these studies 1's. They really deserve a -10 rating.


- Avoid smoking at home or in a car
(My mother smoking in a home and her car never affected me as a child, nor did it stunt my growth. So how is ME smoking in a home or car with a kid any different? That kid is gonna grown up just fine if/when I become a dad.)

- Caution children to stay away from secondhand smoke and places that allow smoking
(And how the heck are you gonna caution a kid to stay away from smokers in the streets? Do you realize how many smokers are in the Chicago streets? The only way a kid can avoid SHS outside is by moving to Antartica.)

- Teach children there is no safe level of secondhand smoke
(A flat-out lie. SHS can go away faster with adequate ventilation.)

- Do not smoke while pregnant or near someone who is pregnant
(Wait a minute! Are you implying if I smoke around a pregnant lady, that's the same thing as me raping her and her unborn child? Did you know a lotta babies that were born in the baby boom days came from moms who smoked while pregnant? And they were all born healthily....premature births assosciated with preg smoking are rare.)

- Use a smoke-free daycare center
(Well, you lucky all daycare centers in IL are smoke-free. But what difference would it make if smoking was allowed in it?)

- If you are a smoker, ask your doctor what you can do to stop

(Good advice. I oughta ask my doctor what I can do to put an end to antismoking poisonanda, and ask my doc how to get rid of ignorant fascists in this world too. I doubt a doc can help me in that regard.)

- Become a role model for your child - do not smoke

(I think I would make a good role model for my future child by not smoking crack anyway. But smoking the legal crap...that being cigs, duh...won't make me a bad role model.)

Sunday, February 3, 2008

A poem for people running into fascists

Since it seems like obese people in Mississippi are now starting to get 2nd class treatment (I heard that state is proposing not serving obese people in restaurants), here's a free-verse poem I wrote for smokers AND the obese, Two groups that are having their freedoms taken away.

I know how it feels to be turned down in society,
Because I'm a Black person living in America.
And living as a Black person ain't easy,
When it's hard as heck for me to even make one buck.

If you smoke cigs or if you're obese,
You might be getting a taste of discrimination
Simply based on those choices you made in your own life.

My advice is simple if you run into a fascist.
Don't accept that person's insults.
Do what older generations of my race did.
And that is defend your freedoms by fighting and challenging lies from society.