Saturday, January 26, 2008

New Poll Added on here

I just added a new poll that will close when March begins.

I'm sure people might be laughing at that Q I ask. But I'm being serious. I'm sure people will laugh at it now. But remember, we neva thought 20 years ago we would see smoking bans at all. And look at the sheet we're in now!

I wouldn't rule out a fed smoking ban. Especially when I hear O'Bama and Hillary would both push for a fed smoking ban.

I wish more smokers DEMAND for PROOF on fake numbers of SHS deaths

What I like about the comments I've seen in recent weeks (I mean smoker comments in general for these articles/petitions) is smokers "DEMANDING" for "PROOF" on these false numbers for deaths caused by SHS. I would like to see proof of someone who specifically died from a smoking-related cause too.

It's nice to see more smokers getting strong with their words. I wish more OFFLINE smokers demanded for some darn evidence themselves. I knew all along smokers ain't naive. But the various anti orgs/Big Daddy think othawise.

Here's a Q. When a smoker demanded proof from a politician or an anti org on the validity of those death numbers, did they actually give the smoker proof?

Because the way I see it, if SHS really caused 53,000 deaths per year, that means 1 million folks died from SHS in the last 20 years. I hope Congress has a long-A list of those 1 million folks that SPECIFICALLY died from SHS in the last 20 years.

53,000 deaths/year from SHS don't happen. That's just a scare tactic. Tobacco sales would've been banned ages ago if that's a real number of deaths.

Friday, January 25, 2008

IL Vets can now smoke inside

Here's some good news on the Veteran smokers topic for IL!


Veterans now able to smoke inside Illinois Veteran's Hom

We have an update on a story we've followed for a few months now, smoking at the Illinois Veterans Home.

Once the Illinois smoking ban went into effect January first, Veterans were forced to smoke outside in the cold, but that's now changed.

We talked to Jessica Woodward with the Illinois Department of Veterans Affairs today for this KHQA Fact Finder report.

She told us veterans will now be able to smoke inside.

She says the first priority is to take care of the veterans and their needs.

After thoroughly reviewing the law and checking with the Health Department, effective

immediately, there are now designated smoking lounges inside the veterans homes.

We asked her how this will affect visitors and employees who don't want to be around smoke.

She told us each smoking lounge in fully enclosed, similar to smoking lounges in airports, so the public doesn't have to go inside them.

I would neva stay in a smoke-free motel

As for me, I wouldn't step foot into a smoke-free motel.

But I have no control over those smokers who are in the streets late at night and they have no choice but to enter a smoke-free motel for "emergency purposes." I wouldn't tattle on those smokers if I was a maid!

If you catch a smoker, we'll pay you $10 each time

Swiss Hotel in Chicago will fine you 250 bucks if you smoking in your room. And they will give their maids/other workers $10 bonuses for snitching on a smoker.

I know EXACTLY what I'd do if a worker tried snitching on me for smoking in a hotel room. Because if a worker catches a suspect smoking in a hotel room, that smoker might "defend himself" in order to avoid getting reported.

But I seriously hope those Swiss Hotel workers don't think smokers don't believe in defending themselves. Rememba when I brought up in a past post about an anti oughta be more concerned about an armed bro demanding money from the whimp, instead of that "hole" being worried about smoking in a bar? I can see somethang similar happening to a Swiss Motel worker snitching on a smoker. Especially if that smoker in the hotel room is a fugitive using it as a hiding place for one night.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

A printable offline petition for IL Smokers

If you're a smoker/business owner from IL, and you would like to read more info on a petition that is meant to be signed by smokers offline (and not signed online), please CLICK THIS LINK.

This offline petition (authored by Christine) IS printable.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Veteran Smokers earned their right to smoke

If you want to read a new perition involving Veteran Smokers, feel free to CLICK THIS.

My comment on there:

I believe if a former vet happens to be a smoker, and he fought for the US, he shouldn't be forced to smoke outside unless there's a shelter with heat and an AC. As a matter of fact, it's unconstitutional to force any senior smoker outside. That senior smoker earned his/her freedom as an American! Oh yeah, we Americans don't have freedoms anymore. Well, that needs to change. And it could start with giving vet smokers, senior smokers, and disabled smokers (like myself on being disabled) special needs when it comes to smoking outdoors. I thought I was born in the land of the FREE. Not the land of the NANNIES!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

This is a fake pic of how a smoking lady will look 30 years from now

I just stumbled onto Oprah's site, where I read more info on today's show.

One site page shows how a 29-year old lady would look like 30 years from now if she continued to smoke...and how she would look 30 years from now if she didn't smoke.


(the pics should be on top of the page when you view it)

I honestly see NO differences in these two pics. I think those wrinkles are fake in the "smoker" pic, as well as the deeper color of her face.

Of all of the smokers I've seen who are at least 59 years old....they never had THAT many wrinkles on their faces!

I wish any folks who are antis can show some REAL pics of smokers in their late 50's. Because with computer-enhanced pics, you can add anything you want in the smoker pic to make it look scary to nonsmokers. It's better to be honest than to instill fear in people.

Maybe it's me, but some of the prettiest women in this world happen to be smokers.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

The first IL business to close up shop due to a smoking ban

I'm not surprised this happened. But it still counts as the first business to get victimized by a IL smoking ban.


Seven Days in Chicago

All Butts Are Off

UPDATE: As the January 1 deadline loomed, bars and restaurants throughout the city braced for the inevitable. The New Year brought with it new rules: No smoking in any establishment in which food, beverage or liquor is sold. For most, the smoking ban presented a mild annoyance, a slight affront to our ever-eroding liberties. For others, the ban signaled the end of the line. Opened by tobacco giant Reynolds American Inc. in 2006, Marshall McGearty's, the nation's first smoking lounge, was the also the new legislationÕs first casualty. The establishment closed quietly on January 14. It will not reopen.

"It was very evident right after January 1 that this wasn't going to work," says Mark Smith, Vice President of Communications at Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company, a subsidiary of Reynolds American Inc. Smith's company took over Reynolds American super premium brand unit (under which Marshall McGearty's is included) from another of the company's subsidiaries, RJ Reynolds, just days before the ban went into effect. The decision to move operations of the super premium brand was described by RJ Reynolds' spokesperson David Howard as a business decision motivated entirely by the fact that Santa Fe, makers of the popular American Spirit brand, had more in-depth marketing experience. It seems, however, that no amount of marketing experience can save a smoking lounge in a city where smoking is prohibited.

"I stopped in last week and it was just a bunch of people standing around smoking and drinking this shitty coffee that they were giving away," says a one-time Marshall McGearty's regular. "I don't even think they were playing any music. It was totally bizarre." As Howard indicated during a phone interview conducted in mid-December, the establishment planned to cease sales of food and liquor on January 1 and begin operating strictly as a tobacco retail shop. The cessation of all other sales would bring Marshall McGearty's in line with the new law meaning that tobacco could still be dispensed and consumed on premise. For a moment, it looked as if a coup were underway. Howard refused to comment on the question of a prospective BYOB policy responding "All I'm saying is that we will no longer be selling liquor." A McGearty's bartender laughed when asked if the impending ban was a source of worry responding: "Nah, we got it covered. I think we may start doing BYOB, but I don't know." Marshall McGearty's was clearly testing the theory that smokers in a post-ban world would be so desperate, they wouldn't mind trading some traditional points of service for permission to light up.

"Didn't work," says Smith. He went on to say that in light of legislation being passed here and in practically all other major cities, Reynolds American Inc. has no plans to open similar lounges in the future. "Right now we're concentrating on distribution in retail markets," Smith says.