Monday, December 1, 2008

Woman fined for resisting arrest for smoking near gas pumps

While it's true this female smoker shouldn't have been smoking near gas pumps, I think arresting someone for smoking is no different from a darn cop trying to arrest me for no reason outside of race.

If she refused to put it out, I would've snatched it and put it out for her if I was a cop. That chick was a lil immature in smoking near gas pumps. But arresting someone for smoking is bogus, even in extreme situations.

What I mean is if I was in that cop's shoes, trying to arrest someone for refusing to put a cig out near the gas pumps is the last thang on my mind. I'd grab that motha (the cig) and put it out before there's an explosion. Life is more important than arresting ANYONE based on that situation.

And I still wouldn't botha putting her in cuffs afta the cig is out. (Unless of course, I had a valid reason to arrest her, like getting into a fight)

I'd give her a warning about neva smoking near the gas pumps again. Of course, I can't see a nonsmoking cop being as nice as that.

PORTSMOUTH -- A city woman who was tased, then arrested while police were investigating a 6-person parking lot fight, was given a suspended jail sentence and fined on Monday.

Patricia Reno, 23, appeared in Portsmouth District Court Dec. 1 when she pleaded guilty to a class A misdemeanor count of resisting arrest. As part of a plea agreement with the prosecution, in exchange for that plea, an accompanying charge of obstructing government administration was dismissed.

Reno was arrested Oct. 27 at the Lafayette Road Gibbs station where, police said, officers were breaking up a fight while Reno refused to stop smoking in close proximity to the gas pumps. According to police reports, she continuously refused to stop smoking, while swearing and swinging at responding officers. Officers later learned the fight began when Reno's boyfriend became angry that another man was speaking with her, according to police.

Reno appeared in the district court without an attorney and according to prosecutor Corey MacDonald, her criminal record is limited to a 2004 shoplifting conviction. Following her arrest, Reno told police she "lost her head" and "apologized, " said MacDonald.
After finding Reno guilty of resisting arrest, Judge Sawako Gardner sentenced her to six months in the Rockingham County House of Corrections, with all of it suspended pending her good behavior for one year. She was also fined $1,000, with $500 suspended pending the same year of good behavior.

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