Thursday, December 11, 2008

What so say if someone confronts you about your smoking

I wouldn't know what to say to any new members within the groups this year. If someone tells you to put it out, maybe you can say "This is a cig in my hand. Not a gun. Maybe if you weren't around me, I wouldn't have to put it out."

If a nonsmoker waves his/her hands while walking past you, maybe you can tell em "Do you wave your hands like that when walking past vehicles in the streets? This smoke aint nothang compared to dangerous vehicle fumes.

And if someone tells you "There's no smoking in here," you could probably say "Oh, I didn't know. I'm so used to walking in places and lighting up cause that used to be common in public places for most of my life."

I wonder if I could still get a ticket if I have an UNLIT cig in my mouth as I walk into a place or even down subway stairs. It wouldn't matta. Cause if I'm gonna have an unlit cig in my mouth, I'm lighting that motha up afta so-and-so mins.

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