Thursday, December 25, 2008

Want to read a sample coment on the FSCs?

This well-written comment from the Repeal FSCs online petition is a sample of the comments I've been spending time reading from smokers online. I might gasp if I ever see a POSITIVE comment on FSCs.

(I broke the comment up myself to make it easier to read on here.)


After reading other comments, i realize now that my "recent" headaches are probably due to the "new" cigarettes. I purposely smoke organic cigarettes and pay a pretty price for them too so that i don't smoke chemicals. I am sick of the government ruling our lives and trying to poison us, our water being the number One way of poisoning us with chemicals. Drugs aren't even released into the market place without tremendous scrutiny and years of research so why is this just thrown in our faces. Once again the government does NOT acknowledge the voice of the people.

This country is turning to pure communism, they will tell us what is best for us and we must accept it. I say everyone should wake up and fight for our rights now or we won't have the ability to do so shortly. I am so sick of you (the government) treating us like kids and you are the mother telling us what is best for us. The seat belt law is another example of you telling us what is best for us.

Hey this is suppose to be a free country and our fore fathers fought for that right. Quit telling us what is BEST for us, we can figure it out for ourselves, and if we don't then tough, we endure the consequences. I say that you people have plenty on your plates without targeting smokers.

You have ruined the resturant and bar businesses with your non-smoking policies and now you're really out for the tobacco companies and us. I would like to know why you are after us, because your too stupid to solve the really important issues that lay before you. Because you don't have to worry about be "politcally correct" with us, because smoking isn't fashionable anymore?

So you can say that you "DID" something while you were in office? Because we don't have lobbyists petitioning for us? I am sick of the government antics and I am sick of you ruling our lives. How do you pass this crap without anyone finding out until it is done? Isn't there a law against this? How do you poison people without their knowledge?

You people treat animals better than you treat people. You're all up on you supposedly high pedestals throwing laws out there that serve NO purpose other than to make more trouble. A person can't drive a car without a seat belt, put a hockey rink out on the ice without government worrying about what it wil do to the wetlands, or keeping an existing bar/resturant in business without you clowns ruining commerce and trifling with the PEOPLES' FREEDOM! Wake up and smell the coffee, oh, wait, will you now screw with caffiene too!

By the way, you states that have passed this FSC, lawsuits are coming your way!

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