Saturday, December 20, 2008

Repeal Fire Safe Cig Laws: A petition

Here's one petition I recently signed. I am sorry to hear lots of smokers decided to quit instead of smoking the poisonous FSCs.


If more premade smokers were open to giving Native brands or make their own cigs a try, they wouldn't have to worry about quitting smoking. Besiders, Natives and MYOs are a lot cheapa than a carton of poisonous cigs with no tobacco in em at all.

I actually laughed when I read one petition comment claiming there's WOOD inside of a FSC when you break the cig down. Natives put ONLY tobacco in their cigs. Not pieces of wood. (LOL at that wood in commercial cigs).

When I smoke Natives, the cherries on my cigs neva fall off, and I neva have to re-light a Native cig. Seneca is one brand of Natives that burn slow. They don't burn as slow as cigars though.

If smokers wanna choose to smoke regular cigs, then they need to visit the Blackhawk Shop if they wanna learn about the Native brands this shop offers.

Native brands ARE normal cigs and Natives taste a heck of a lot better than smoking a commercial brand. Natives are poison-free and all-natural!

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