Thursday, December 18, 2008

A perfect Christmas gift for smokers and antis

A perfect Christmas gift for a smoker would be a carton of Seneca Reds and/or Blackhawk Reds.

A perfect gift for antis would be givin em a taste of their own medicine by me issuing them fines for disrupting the hospitality industry with their smoking bans. $100k for each major antismoking org sounds fair. That "fine moolah" would go to owners and workers who are in desperate need for moolah before they're the next ones to lose their business to a smoking ban.

At least that's a non-violent version of a Christmas gift for antis. :)

4 years ago, I was just a smoker online checking out different prosmoking sites. 4 years lata, I'm giving my support for smoking activists in the fight and I'm online friends with 3 different smoking ladies....and I help em out in different ways.

I've helped out Garnet have offline smokers meetings. That actually was a good idea for 1.5 years. I dunno if she plans on trying that out again when she returns to the fight in 2009. But I also gave her my support at one hearing related with smoking....the hearing on the state smoking ban proposal back in 2006.

I also help out one lady online with her smoking fetish business online. Her name is Rachel, and she believes smoking is a right herself. I believe I saw a comment from her on months ago when her home state of WI said "NO" to their own statewide smoking ban in 2008,

And I'm online friends with Melissa, a lady who has been running the Blackhawk Smoke Shop for a couple of years online. She believes me posting news in relation to tobacco issues and smokers rights is important for her shop's forum. Since she's trying to make her forum as prosmoking as possible. You might see I'm a new regular poster on the Blackhawk forum as well.

I've come a long way as a smoker in the past few years. It's a wonder how smoking bans would fare if smokers AND owners all had an attitude towards abuse of freedoms, and disapproval of discrimination towards a certain group of people...which are smokers of course.

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