Sunday, December 7, 2008

People are misinformed on Natives brands

I notice some online are misinformed on Native brands. Smokers think Native brands are FSC brands but they ain't. Based on the price of a Native pack, you'll be lucky to find a natural pack of cigs anywhere. The states refuse to sell packs at less than 2 bucks each. And antismokers don't like the idea of selling natural cigs period.

Since natural cigs are chemical-free and FSC-free, antis fear more people would start smoking if natural cigs were more common. Afta all, I heard before on the news that a cig with nothang but tobacco and nicotine in it is not a danger to your health. The reporter said it's the otha ingredients in commercial brands that contribute to the health risks of smoking.

Nicotine can't be dangerous to your health whetha you smoke it or EAT it. That's right...EAT nicotine! If you love eating potatoes for instance, then you're actually eating nicotine.

If nicotine WAS dangerous, then millions of people would be dying or spending time while sick in hospitals from just eating too many french fries...anotha pptato-made product.

You don't hear people saying "Eating potatoes is dangerous to your health." So that means even eating nicotine is harmless to your body. Therefore, smoking a natural cig with nothang but natural nicotine and pure tobacco in em (Native brands don't have added nic amounts in their cigs, unlke commercial ones) is betta for your health.

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