Monday, December 8, 2008

Ohio violators of smoking ban seldom punished


"If the law isn't being enforced, I'm really saddened," said Ana Titus, a spokeswoman for Ohio division of the American Cancer Society. "That's not what Ohio's 2.2 million voters voted for in 2006."

It ain't sad to me. I'm darn proud it's not being enforced. Just last night when I was downtown in my town with our OWN state smoking ban, it was easy as he!! for me to smoke 3 cigs inside of a subway entrance without being seen by people. Wheneva I saw anyone walking up or down the stairs, I just hid the cig behind my back til they left. I had a good reason to smoke in that area. I ain't smoking in the cold with the darn wind blowing.

I'm sure some folks saw me, but they said nothang to me since I wasn't the only bro smoking in that area. Cause they know when they see me around otha bros smoking and trying to stay warm from the cold, they don't wanna get hurt.

If people are smoking like crazy in Ohio bars, good for them. That's their right and the owners' right to do whateva it takes to stay in business. If you don't like it, move outta Ohio. Sinple as that B'ch.

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