Monday, December 8, 2008

Obama won't be smoking in the White House?

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I don't believe any part of that sh!t. If he wants to sneak a cig in there, he has that right.

This no smoking rule imposed by Hillary Clinton from the 90s within the White House shouldn't apply to the Obamas. Cause the last time I checked, Bill Clinton ain't being inaugurated as the next President.

I bet that Obama guy WILL be smoking in the White House. Any rule imposed by Hillary from her days as the 1st Lady shouldn't apply to current or future Presidents.

If I was President, I wouldn't even botha asking Hillary if she wants to be one of my secretaries. She's an antismoker, and antis ain't welcome to be part of my administration. I'd ratha have ladies who smoke as my secretaries.

And if I was President, I'd say "F her no smoking rule. She ain't MY wife. I'M the President. Not her! So I'm gonna do whateva I want while I'm living in this White House as long as I'm President. What's she gonna do if she learns I smoke in the White House? Pay someone to do a hit job on me so I can become the next assassinated President?"

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