Monday, December 1, 2008

Nicorette, not cigs, can be dangeros to your health in the long-term

Did you know if someone chews Nicroette gum for a long time, that person will lose lots of hair, and get hi blood pressure?

No playing. I read about this through a blog citation in the Ohio group, and I believe that blog post I read. There are long-term health effects associated with these quit smoking aids that you'll neva hear about on the TV.

CLICK THIS if you wanna read the blog citation.

Antis argue BT were liars through their cig ads with people having smiley faces and antis didn't like BT making cigs sound just about as safe as eating candy. What BT used to do in their ads is promote smoking. And when you promote ANY product, you gotta make it look glamorous...not that smoking aint glamorous to begin with. Being a smoker and enjoying a cig actually makes me smile for real.

Nicroette does the same thang as BT does in the antis' claims. Nicorette commercials look glamorous with happy ladies, the product appears to be safe as chewing normal gum. There are even different gum flavas (just like cigs being in different flavas).

But Nicorette won't say sh!t about losing all of your hair and have hi blood pressure if you keep chewing the gum foreva.

Antis can argue "Based on your logic, BT doesn't say 'sh!t' about smokers getting LC and empsyshema in the long term. And that's OK to you?" BT doesn't have to say anythang about that. There's NO EVIDENCE that smoking cigs can DIRECTLY cause me or any otha smoker to get LC or empsyshema. There's clear evidence on Nicorette being dangerous for a person's health though.

At least I can say for sure smoking cigs for a long time hasn't made ME lose my hair or raise my blood pressure.

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