Tuesday, December 2, 2008

IL smoking ban still debated

Here's an IL-based smoking article.

EDIT: I posted a copy of the article below this message, just in case that article has disappeared from the linked URL


I tried to submit a comment to it. Particularly in reply to that anti comment on there. But I'll understand if the comment doesn't get published, since smokers' comments get moderated.

I agree with the student in the article who says the smoking ban is impacting the local economy. This wouldn't be the case if smokers were viewed as actual Americans.

That student who made the wheezing claim from that wind blowing smoke in the student's face, I hope that person didn't have to go to the ER as a result. LMBAO!!!! Sh!t, based on the way that wheezing comment sounded like, the student made it sound like the wind blew deadly vehicle fumes in the face instead. HA HA HA


One year later smoking ban still debated

By: Jessie White

Posted: 12/1/08

As of Jan. 1, 2008 the Smoke-Free Illinois Act prohibited smoking in virtually all public places. A year after the Illinois government passed the statewide smoking ban, emotions still run high on both sides of the argument.

Non-smoker Cassy Sanders, early childhood development and education major, spends a lot of time with the kids in the daycare lab. She said, "The kids used to complain about the smell all the time because people actually used to smoke right near the fence. Now the kids play out there all the time and we don't have to worry about it bothering them."

Unfortunately, this is not the case around other parts of campus. "I was walking out of my class in Webb Hall the other day, I noticed there were people down in the smoking pit lightin' up. I didn't think anything about it until the wind started blowing the smoke my direction. I was wheezing all the way out to my car," explained Josh Mckibben, student here at Lake Land, he went on to say, "I think Lake Land should ban smoking altogether because people like me, who have asthma that runs in the family, are really bothered by it."

However, students on the other side of the argument, such as Tim Roberts, a business administration major and long time smoker, think the smoking ban is a bad idea.

Roberts stated, "I don't mind the whole not smoking in restaurants, but I think the ban is really impacting local economy. There are many bars people don't go to anymore, they just stay home and drink because they can smoke there."

Victoria Kunstman, radio broadcasting major, does not smoke, however she is against the smoking ban, she states, "I can see the concern about restaurants, sometimes you walk in and see the smoking section is like two feet from the nonsmoking section, but seriously the smells of stale beer and cigarettes are a huge part of the bar atmosphere."

So far there has been no mention of retracting the current state smoking ban. Roberts states, "One by one individual freedoms are being eroded, least popular first. Authorities cite our well being as reasons for this. As they work their way up the food chain they are taking away larger and larger chunks of our American freedom."

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