Monday, December 8, 2008

IL: Smoking ban hurts small businesses

Here's a recent IL-based article, with the comments area included. Me left two comments on there just now before posting this link.


I believe Jim left a comment on there of his own. Antis think smokers' SHS kills more than guns?

Well, I wish I could experiment that opinion. A gun can kill a nonsmoker in a matta of seconds if I pull one good shot at the person's body. But even if I smoke in front of a nonsmoker for hours and blow smoke in his/her face, he/she will NOT die on the spot. My smoke won't even cause the nonsmoker to start bleeding heavily in the face or chest. You can survive from inhaling SHS. But good luck if you think most people in a group can survive from getting hit by gunshots.

Smoking kills more than guns....that is the funniest lie from antis. Even I know that's a lie cause I know what a gun can do if you point it at nonsmokers. Guns kill a lot fasta than SHS. A person can die from a shot before I'm even finished smoking just one cig. (LOL to myself)

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