Wednesday, December 31, 2008

IL casinos blame smoking ban for revenue drops


It's nice to see more and more IL casinos blame the smoking ban for their fallen revenues. Antis wanna blame the economy. But ALL businesses should have fallen revenues (including fast food places), if there was any truth to blaming the economy.

I dunno what's wrong with having smokers' casinos or smokers-only taverns. I know there used to be colored-only places before I was ever around. If "we" were allowed to have our own businesses legally, how come smokers can't do the same thang? What's illegal about a smokers-only business? Smokers are actually segregated from society in the same sense "we" live in segregation....the only difference is we got our own community. Smokers don't, and they segregated in the sense of nobody wanting to make friends with smokers, and smokers who are denied the right to make paychecks for their choice to smoke. :(

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