Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy smokey Holidays

Happy (smokey) Holidays to all smokers and nonsmoking supporters of preserving American freedoms! :)

As for any anti lurkers, I sincerely hope you neva bump into a smoker who believes in smokers' rights. If you can do that, your holidays will be happy too.

Cause while a lotta smokers on those FSC sites may not be aware of smokers rights, I love the way some of em sound though. Those smokers sound like they wanna give their state politicians some payback for changing premade cigs without informing the public about it. (Those smokers DO have the right to be informed and vote if they wanna make premades more poisonous). "Where are my rights as a smoker?" is a common Q I read online.

Reading "FSC my @$$!" has a nice ring to it. :D

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