Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year? Maybe not for IL hopsitality businesses

I could say "Happy New Year" iin the sense of I hope all smokers in this group have a blessed new year. And I'd mean it.

But in the sense of IL still having a statewide smoking ban, the new year will be anythang but a happy new year for owners and smokers in this state. But at least several owners are actually saying "F*** U, IL Smoking ban!" by letting their customers smoke.

Making money as owners and workers in the hospitality business is more important than pleasing antis and the ACS in the New Year. I rememba hearing of the raids in IL taverns during 2008. Those raids are Fked up. Instead of raiding a hideout where someone is selling pounds of weed illegally (an example of a real law-breaker), the cops are wasting their time catching violators of a dumb-A law. I bet some of those raids even got violent.

But Happy New Year anyway if I ignore the one negative in the new year for this state.

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