Sunday, November 23, 2008

Want mrre smoking related with Obama talk?

"Another question is what effect a president desperate for a cigarette and trying to quit might have on your life expectancy and mine."

It should have no effect on me whatsoeva. I agree Obama ain't no Fkin Superman. He ain't Martin Luther King eitha. I rememba some politicians comparing him to MLK afta he gave his victory speech on Election Day. I thought that was immature.

As far as Obama not being able to quit goes, what's the big deal? If he enjoys cigs, let him smoke. He ain't affecting my life just cause he can't quit. I hope he keeps on enjoying his cigs. So he can teach Black antismokers that smoking can be enjoyed by people of all races. That's the only thang I see in him if I wanna pretend he's a bro.

It is unfortunate that he doesn't enjoy menthols though. While I know not all bro/sis smokers smoke menthols, I think I was in my early 20s on the last time I saw a sista smoking a reg cig brand. I honestly have NEVA seen a bro smoke a reg brand in my life, outside of this bro in the UIC dorms who smoked a Marlboro Light that I saw in '97.

I hope I mentioned Obama is a hypocrite for enjoying cigs, but yet the a-hole supports tobacco regulation and the fed smoking ban. A "bro" who enjoys smoking would neva think of banning smoking nationwide and banning different cig flavas.

If he thinks he understands "our" culture by now, he's got a LONG way to go. If you wanna act Black, switching to menthols could help. And not to mention stop showing support for tobacco regulation and smoking bans. You believe in having Big Daddy control Americans' lives. I don't want cops and the govt telling ME how to live. I can make my own decisions in life.

It's nice you wanna share wealth....a lot of bros/sis would ratha DEMAND wealth instead of GIVING wealth. But a lot of Americans don't like the way your PLAN of giving wealth sounds.
http://www.411mania .com/politics/ columns/91051/ Will-President- Obama-Stand- Up-for-Smoker% 5C%5Cs-Rights? .htm

Last week, Michael Kinsley wrote a column in the L.A. Times in which he speculated that president-elect Barack Obama hasn't been able to quit smoking. Rather than chastise Obama for setting a bad example or for not trying hard enough, Kinsley tut-tutted his fellow journalists for not raising the issue. He also offered a charitable view of the 44th POTUS' unfortunate habit:

Now, I have been enjoying Obama euphoria as much as anyone. Without it, the prospect would be depressing indeed. But where is the skepticism? If Obama actually has accomplished the miracle of giving up cigarettes at the apogee of a presidential race, he should be happy to let us know this and add to his superman image. And if he hasn't? Well, if he is straight with us about it, we should forgive him. So he's not a superman. Neither are we...

Another question is what effect a president desperate for a cigarette and trying to quit might have on your life expectancy and mine. Obama's steely calm is now one of our country's major assets. If he needs an occasional cigarette to preserve it, let's hand him an ashtray, offer him a light and look the other way.
I certainly appreciate Kinsley's willingness to look the other way - if only our elected representatives had such an open-minded attitude. Thirty-five U.S. states have enacted statewide smoking bans that apply to most workplaces, regardless of the business owner's preference. The state of California is particularly hostile to cigarette smokers - for example, as of 2008 it's a misdemeanor to smoke a cigarette in a moving vehicle if a minor is present. At the local level, smoking bans are usually even more strict, and can include banning outdoor smoking within 25 feet of any place of employment.

Barack Obama is one of millions of Americans who participate in a legal activity that harms no one other than themselves. Our president-elect is in the unique position of having a pulpit from which to denounce the gross exaggerations and outright lies about the da! nger of second-hand smoke. If he were so moved, Obama might cite this 2003 study from the British Medical Journal that concluded, "The results do not support a causal relation between environmental tobacco smoke and tobacco related mortality, although they do not rule out a small effect. The association between exposure to environmental tobacco smoke and coronary heart disease and lung cancer may be considerably weaker than generally believed."

As a representative of this historically oppressed minority group, Obama has the chance to open up a serious dialogue on equal rights for patriotic American smokers. At the very least, he could politely suggest that state and local governments stop treating smokers like second-class citizens.

In related news, here's a short video from that examines the draconian smoking ban in the city of Belmont, CA, which covers not only private businesses, but some private residences (apartments and condominiums) as well.

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