Thursday, November 13, 2008

Vid on how far will smoking bans go?


>>>>Recently, the Bay Area city of Belmont passed a law that targets people who smoke in their own homes. “I’m pretty sure I still live in America,” says smoker and Belmont resident David Scott.

>>>>But if Scott lights up once the new law takes effect in January, he might just get a visit from a police officer. The mayor who championed the new law declares, “It is our responsibility to take care of everyone!’ and a pro-ban council member who worries about smoke wafting into neighboring units compares smoking in an apartment to shooting a gun through the wall.

OOOOO! The first ever city I know of that has actually banned smoking in your own crib! It's amazing it took 10 years for a CA town to actually do it!

But I don't need no mothaFkin mayor taking care of me. If he insists on taking care of everyone including Belmont smokers, he oughta pay all of smokers' utility bills and rent for the remainder of his mayor tenure.

Smoking in an apartment is not the same thang as shooting a gun through a darn wall. Pffting through a wall can actually kill someone. If you smoke in an apartment and someone Btches about it, I wish that smoker had the right to cuss that whiner out. Sh!t, SHS even smells a lot diffferent than gun smoke.

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