Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A smoker-friendly blog worth mentioning

This blog is worth mentioning, since it's one of those few smoker-friendly blogs online.


Smoking outside doesn't make me feel proud at all. Smoking outside makes me feel like I'm a worthless piece of sh!t to society, but F society is all I can say to that. I am sincerely sorry for those American smokers who ain't used to the Black-like treatment they get for their choice to smoke. At least the American smokers who still have common sense and can see the actual 2nd class treatment. Unlike us when we used to have marches, rallies, and literally fight against opposition in the old days, brainwashed smokers actually accept the 2nd class treatment. And that's pitiful.

I don't believe in accepting 2nd class treatment of ANY kind. I already know how to defend myself against fascists since they no different from racists. But I wish more smokers weren't brainwashed and knew how to fight against opposition. Challenging smoking laws is one obvious way to fight back in a non-violent manner.

At least the way I grew up played a role in me being prepared to see those who hate me for my choice to smoke. Although I would've laughed as a lil boy on smokers being treated like us. It ain't no laughing matta now for sure.

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