Thursday, November 13, 2008

Smoke-free casinos may likely have crappy food

Here's anotha reason why you shouldn't gamble at a smoke-free casino. I heard the Grand Victoria Casino is now selling crappy food...just hearing that makes me wanna puke.

I ain't stepping foot into that casino, even if I neva smoked. If a casino can't sell FESH food, then I hope even nonsmoking gamblers say "Hasta la vista!" to that casino. Of course, smoking activists know why the casino's food is crappy. The revenues for the casino are so low, they can't even afford to buy new stocks of food items in order to keep their gambling customers happy.

The smoking ban and that new fact on selling crappy food are the two reasons why Grand Victoria Casino is going down. I don't even think a homeless person would wanna eat a plate with outdated food on it.

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