Thursday, November 20, 2008

Probably the most offensive antismoking billboard in the USA

Me saw the billboard pic. That pic is SO offensive, I wish I could scratch out the "tobacco" word in the ad and replace it with "antismokers" or "smoking bans."

I hope enough smoking activists in Iowa or the midwest could look into filing complaints (I guess with Iowa authorities) in order to get this bogus billboard taken down.

Promoting antismoking poisonanda is one thang. But (at least to me) the message in this billboard is going too far.

CLICK THIS for a link to the article....pic of the billboard itself is included within the article of course.

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Jason T said...

Smoking can't kill people in a small town. I guess one difference between a small town and my town is in a small town, I'd receive a lot more negative criticism for my smoking. In a big town, nobody gives me criticism. Antis wouldn't even THINK of trying to make ANY bro feel bad as a smoker in a big city.

In small towns, everyone practically knows each otha. Which is nice. But I wouldn't like the idea of someone giving me negative comments about my smoking. And there's nothang I can do but give a fake smile. In a small town, you can't get away with any form of violence against someone you hate. And I actually can't get away with civil disobedience eitha.

That's why I prefer the urban atmosphere. I can do what I want over here without worrying about my next-door neighbor telling me what I should do in my life. A person can't talk like that to most urban smokers unless the person wants to get "smoked" in a different way,

The small city atmosphere sounds like a town for nonsmokers with perfect health, and for the few smokers who are brainwashed and made to feel bad. That atmopsphere sounds dull! I bet there ain't even parties in towns like that. LOL