Tuesday, November 25, 2008

An original post from myself

If Obama thinks he's gonna take MY tax money to help pay for his daughtas' school tuition, he's crazy. He oughta try asking Oprah, his biggest fan, for that help.

I see more and more taverns in Southern IL are ignoring the smoking bans, and the law ain't being enforced down there. I'm sure the taverns are ignoring the law in Chicago too, although I neva heard any news story on ANY local hospitality business ignoring the smoking ban. I'm sure there's a reaason for that. It the local news gave attention to a Chicago tavern where customers are still lighting up cigs/cigars at, then several smokers around here would storm to that tavern, myself included. I'll visit a hoapitality business ignoring the ban if I ever hear about it on the news.

But like I said, the news anchors don't wanna give a Fkin cool business like that free publicity.

It was interesting to hear some of those tavern customers in Chicago that smoke are off-duty cops.

I had a dream once where I was outside in the winter cold. And then John Walsh approached me with a photo of a bro. John asked me "Have you seen this man who's armed and dangerous?" I said "No I haven't seen him." As John left mw alone, I turned around and saw a billboard with a Newport Kids ad. I was like "NEWPORT KIDS?"

The ad in my dream had a pink background and white text similar to those Newprt Stripes ads in the late 1980's. The Newport Kids brand were bubble gum-flavored Newport cigs...the type of cig flava that would attract kids to smoking as antis say. I'm actually surprised bubble gum ain't a real cig flavor. I heard of vanilla, frost, chocolate, and there was a cherry-flavored Kool brand once in 2002 I believe.

While I miss seeing cig ads on billboards IRL (in real life), it would've been funny to see an actual cig ad that focuses on targeting kids for real. I know I ain't interested in trying bubble-gum flavored cigs. Unless there was bubble gum mint-flavored cigs.

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