Saturday, November 15, 2008

An original post from me

There was a time when I had fears for my own mother. I used to think just smoking one cig would kill her. I rememba when she used to cuss at me a lil bit when I used to complain about her smoking and what it would do to her before I became a teen.

When I became a teen, some people online think it was wrong of her to motivate me to try smoking. But her point back then was I can't complain about smoking if I don't try it first.

And now I don't have those same fears anymore. When I tried my first-ever menthol in life (a Newport of course), it was almost like love at first sight. As darn good as that cig tasted to me, I didn't understand what was up with all of the "new negativity" towards smoking. Back in the early 90s it was new negativity.

And now in modern times, I see that negativity has no effect on people still smoking to this day. Sh!t, seeing kids smoke Newports in the streets during warmer weather wasn't common in my adolescent days, but it is now. If it's illegal in this state for an underage person to be smoking in public, regardless of age, it ain't being enforced in our neighborhoods.

I know what would happen if an anti tried complaining to one of us about our smoking. My mother cussed me out, but she neva hurt me before in my life. She was nice in confronting opposition towards her smoking. But I met my share of smokers who ain't afraid to literally fight over a crybaby.

My mother would say "Jason, shut the he!! up!" and that's it.

But a more common reaction in modern times (from anotha smoker around here) is: "I smoke. And what I do in my life is none of your Fkin business. Get the he!! away from me if you don't want to get hurt, a-hole!"

I think antis need to see the truth on that negativity being lies the easy way instead of the hard way. hee hee

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