Tuesday, November 4, 2008

OBama won't bring change for smokers

Well it's official. Somethang I thought would happen in my lifetime, but not at this point in my life. The USA will have a guy with Black skin as the President.

This new President WILL bring change (at least I HOPE that motha does!) for the nation's economy, and help make our community betta nationwide. I'm sure he will teach young brothas and sistas that you don't have to play sports in order to be famous. Maybe he'll have a "Michael Jordan" effect and encourage more Black kids to look into politics as they grow up.

That's all of the positiveness me is saying on Obama. I will show him love just cause of the way he looks on the outside. And the fact he has experience in being a smoker (and he smoked weed too). But me listened to ALL of that motha's celebration speech. I'm sorry. But he just doesn't talk like one of us, let alone he doesn't talk like a Chicagoan. If there's gonna be any change for smokers and business owners, don't hold your breath. OBama is gonna make life a living he!! for US smokers/business owners.

But hey, if you smoke the otha leaf, you might see a change of decriminalized weed one day. If I see that, I betta see my right to smoke tobacco freely in places as well!!

I wonder if he will be brave to actually smoke with brothas and sistas in Chicago before he heads off to the White House. And yea, I DO mean smoke cigs. "Wanna smoke, brotha? I'll give you a free port since you the Pres." (LOL!!!)

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