Monday, November 3, 2008

OBama supports weed more than tobacco

Here's somethang that sounds very odd.

While Obama supports a fed smoking ban and tobacco regulation, I just heard today he intends on decriminalizing weed if he's the next president.

That pic is messed up. Even if he was successful on that idea, how can you make it normal for people to smoke Js in public when they can't smoke those in places? A smoking ban to me means no smoking of anythang, including Js.

I know even if that otha leaf eventually becomes legal one day, I'd flip if someone told me "J smoking is allowed in here, but not tobacco smoking."

Well, someone who wants to decriminalize weed is a hypocrite if he supports banning smoking nationwide of a current legal product. Maybe he wants more cig smokers to switch over to weed smoking. LOL!!!

Decriminalization of weed is one definite thang I disagree with on Obama. Cause that sends a mixed message since he supports tobacco regulation at the same time. If you gonna try to permit me and othas to smoke a J openly in public, then I deserve the same darn freedom when it comes to smoking my Newports in places. I'm sure weed smokers would be exempted from your fed smoking ban, right? You can smoke Js in places, but not cigs...that sounds fascist to me!

I agree with your stances on several US laws although I aint gonna call em racist.

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