Tuesday, November 18, 2008

No cutback in cig, liquor, and lottery sales in IL

I see WBBM radio here in Chicago (780 AM) is reporting no cutbacks in cig, liquor, and lottery sales for the state of Illinois.

July 1st is when the new budget year began. And that was 4.5 months ago. That ain't a long time to examine a cutback on sales on anythang.

Actually, in the case of cig sales around here, I can't see sales getting worse. A pack is already too Fkin high in price. Maybe if the price goes up again, cig sales might see anotha cutback.

There are probably cutbacks by region. Like there are fewer people buying cigs legally in my area. But in Southern IL, sales are probably steady on cigs cause those smokers don't have to even worry about paying 6 bucks per pack.

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