Sunday, November 2, 2008

Smokers oughta be using these dirty tatics instead

I see thangs are getting ugly in the last 48 hours before the election. Thangs like fliers being left in Jew communities indirectly encouraging folks to not vote for Obama cause of "Let's not make the same mistake our ancestors made in the 30s and 40s. They ignored the warning signs" (Oh? They must mean the "mistake" of having Black people in America period..I'd raise my finga if I ever saw those actual fliers for myself)

Leaving fliers in several places and homes is a good idea for smokers and ban opposers who are pushing to get a smoking ban revoked. The only negative on that idea is you wouldn't know the addy of every single smoker/hospitality owner within the state fighting a smoking ban. I dunno if I'd leave those fliers in doors in the middle of the night eitha.

I notice some folks will do everythang they can in the last hours before Election Day to make Obama look like a terrible person by also sending outrageous emails and making bogus phone calls as well. These ideas Obama haters have could be used by those who are fighting smoking bans one day. But like I said, while smokers leaving fliers is a betta idea than sending emails and making phone calls, the smoking activists would have to find the addy of every smoker/business owner in the state in order to actually do that.

Leaving fliers on benches is a good idea. Unfortunately, someone might pay more atention to a negative flier on Obama compared to a flier dealing with fighting a smoking ban.

(I wish I could find out who made the flier encouraging Jew voters in I think PA to "not make the same mistake our ancestors made." That person or group is definitely racist)

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