Friday, November 28, 2008

Dropouts likely do smoke more than students who smoke and graduate

Drop-outs smoking more than actual students who smoke AND graduate from school makes sense to me. Since dropouts are the same type of teen smokers who are more like hood smokers. They tend to light up their cigs (and/or Js), ignore lots of rules, and get away with whateva they want, while ignoring the rest of society. I agree with part of that mindset when it comes to dealing with smoking bans

Unfortunately, the fact more dropouts smoke than graduates might make an anti think he/she is right on "Teens who smoke get low grades and/or drop out of school."

I don't think simply smoking cigs can cause a teen to drop out of school. Some people who smoke are actually smart people. But I think a dropout who smokes means the smoking is an aspect of that hood smoker's personality. Just like teens who drink and do the Js....yes a teen who likely has that kind of bad personality may likely be a dropout. But at least some of the goodie teens who actually graduate can be smokers too.

I do think the actual rate of adult smokers could be higha too. Since the adult smokers don't include those who started as minors and kept on smoking afta dropping out of school.

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