Sunday, November 16, 2008

12 reasons to KEEP smoking

There were so many Fked up lies on that list of 12 reasons to quit smoking, it'll make you puke.

(If you wanna view the list me is referring to, you can CLICK THIS.)

Lemme see if I can think of 12 reasons on why a smoker should neva quit (in no particular order-this is brainstormin)

1) Smoking helps you make new friends. Since people are out more often, they obviously run into fellow smokers a lot.

2) Smoking helps you eat less by curbing your appetite. This point benefits smoking chicks more. Since some chicks view cigs as weight loss tools. And it is true that if a lady who used to be slim while she smoked...she would gain a lotta weight back if she quits. Cause she would be eating more.

3) Smoking is a good alternative to eating junk food. I'd ratha smoke a menthol than to eat mint-flava'd candy.

4) Smoking helps prevent Alzheimers. My grandpa didn't get Alzheimers til he stopped smoking his nonfiltered Camels.

5) Smoking helps prevent you from getting certain diseases. I rememba reading this somewhere within the groups and the forums...I forgot where though.

6) Smoking helps you use money more wisely. Antis Btch about smokers wasting money on cigs. But hey, at least buying one carton per week is a he!!uva lot more cheapa than someone who wastes 100s of bucks in a smoke-fre casino per week. Call me when you actually win somethang, motha.

7) Smoking is more of a hobby. Not a habit.

8) Smoking plays a role in preventing lung cancer. Antis don't wanna believe this. But at least I don't make up sh!t as they do. Seems like most of the people who do get LC are eitha nonsmokers and ex-smokers who get it afta they quit. Makes you wonder if those ex's would've gotten LC at all if they kept on smoking.

9) Smoking relaxes your mind. When a smoker is peed off, stressed out, or basically has too much negative sh!t on his/her mind, what's the first thang the smoker does? Light up a cig. It ain't no lie smoking makes a good reliever for stress.

10) There are cig flavas that satisfy smokers of all ages and races. One beauty of smoking is there are various flavas to choose from if you prefa cigars. There's a flava for everyone almost. If you don't like one flava, find the one that's the best for you. There are different flavas for cigs too aside from menthols...although there's that talk of banning the different flavas for cigs.

11) Smoking makes men look handsome. This actually depends on the type of chick the man meets. Cause most of the ladies who called me handsome before were smokers themselves.

12) Smoking helps some enjoy alcoholic drinks more. I heard this point before about beer tasting betta when you drink it while smoking cigs.

There, that's MY list of 12 reasons to keep smoking.

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Anonymous said...

yeah, stop tryna be clever you silly idiot. Keep beleiving all the bs you buy into what the government tells sad. I'll keep smoking, thanks