Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What I would do if I was President

If I was President, I'd make smoking bans and bans of certain foods illegal.

I'd find a way to put an end to this Iraq war. The US is losing money from that dumba** war.

I'd make it illegal to raise tobacco taxes and lower em to a certain level. Instead of raising tobacco taxes once every so-and-so months, how about raising fast food taxes?

I'd make it legal to buy tobacco at ANY age. That's the way it was decades ago. A teen is gonna smoke if he/she wants to. Whetha or not society likes it. Teens have their way to get cigs. So you mught as well allow em to buy em openly.

I wouldn't support tobacco regulation. I wouldn't support banning flavas, including menthol. Last time I checked, every teen ain't interested in mint. And this BS about saving us Blacks by banning menthols....those Black antis oughta ask would you ratha see Afro-Americans smoke menthol tobacco, or weed? Cause trust me. You ban menthols, and you'll see a LOT more Blacks smoking weed instead. If you really wanna save the Black community, don't encourage bros/sistas to smoke illegal drugs by encouraging menthol bans. I hope those antis are aware that more teens in general are smoking weed instead of cigs. Since the schools make cigs sound deadly, and the teachers forgot about saying NO to drugs....somethang similar would happen in our community. Blacks who used to smoke cigs will just smoke Js if menthols ever get banned. I know I wouldnt wanna see that even if I was neva a smoker to begin with.

And it's hard to find those cigs in otha flavas anyway.

I'd also make it illegal for anti orgs to collect money from cig sales. They would go out of business if that tobacco tax money went to smokers rights orgs instead. And once they outta business, nobody would even be thinking of smoking bans.

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