Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Wanna see classical cig ads?

Here's a site for those smokers who are much older than me. Me bets a lot of those smokers rememba these type of cig ads very well.


It's neat seeing ads with athletes in em. I recall seeing a Camel ad with Hank Aaron in it..the only time I ever saw a cig ad with an athlete representing "us" in it.

The difference between cig ads in the 40s and 50s and cig ads in the late 20th century is menthols weren't common in those days. (Of course Kool was the only known menthol back then). The otha obvious difference (and I don't mean these words in a negative way) is "we" didn't start appearing in cig ads more often til the 70s....when Big Tobacco actually started marketing cigs more towards "our" community with having vans that used to pass out free menthol packs in "our" hoods.

Free cigs used to be common at auto races (I believe) in the old days too. Those days are over. :(

Antis claim BigTobacco even lied in their ads in the days of nonfiltered cig brands and before menthols became more popular. Looking at those very old cig ads, me see NO lying. Me sees Big Tobacco using a clever way to market their products with people smiling in the ads and holding lit cigs. Obviously, making smoking look perfectly normal in the ads worked for them.

According to antis, the percentage of smokers increased in general in 1971 when cig commercials got banned on radio and TV. Aside from the fact more of "us" started smoking, I think the otha reason why the percentage of smokers went up in the 70s is cause cig ads started to become more common in mags and on outdoor billboards.

Since more kids saw cig ads more often in mags, and since mommy and daddy were exposed to positive-looking cig ads every day to/from work, it makes sense to me on more people starting smoking in the 70s due to the increase of cig ads in mags particularly. And not to mention smoking anywhere was normal as he!! back then.

As glamorous as these old ads look, I actually think cig ads in the 70s were betta than these. Big Tobacco made smoking cigs look like eating candy in my favorite decade of cig ads.

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