Saturday, October 25, 2008

A thought on modern cig ads vs. classical cig ads

Seems like during this year, if you lucky to come across cig ads at all, you might see one or two cig ads in adult mags like Playboy. The days of seeing ads based on PM brands and even RJR brands are over. I know in earlier years of this decade, me still saw a few Camel ads, and ads for Winston, Salem, and Kool...all of these beign RJR brands. But this year, they ain't in Playboy anymore.

The two cig ads I DID see in this most recent issue of Playboy had no people in it. Just a pic of the cig brand's pack. One ad was for American Spirit...I forgot the otha brand being advertised in that mag. But it sounds like a cig brand made by a US-based LIL tobacco company.

Seems like Newport is the only well-know premade brand that's still advertised in 2008 mags at all. I miss the days of seeing people in cig ads with happy looks on their faces. Big Tobacco used to make smoking look like a glamorous habit, and it IS glamorous to me. A cig ad where you just see the brand itself and no people in it isn't appealing to me...and that's likely why the companies always had people in the ads in the old days. Cayse the companies thought if they just had a pic of the pack, then nobody would be interested in trying it unless they saw some otha folks enjoying the brand.

Despite cig ads essentially being dead, people are STILL smoking. And kids are STILL experimenting with smoking. That goes to show the type of people you hang around has a bigga influence on your decision to at least try a cig. Those classical ads wre a nice way for me to learn of the different brands. But I know the Marlboro Man or Joe Camel neva motivated me to actually start smoking.

A kid who actually said "I wanna smoke Benson and Hedges cause this lady looks hot with a B&H cig" would be funny. I bet running into a chick who's smoking a Newport or a Marlboro Light while walking to school would be a MUCH bigga influence on his decision to smoke compared to a seeing a lady with a cig on a piece of paper. Of course, growing up with parents/siblings who smoke are big factors too.

I can't explain it. But seeing a chick smoke in person is more eye-catching than seeeing a chick smoke in a paper ad. Maybe it has somethang to do with a smoking chick looking betta eye-to-eye compared to a smoking chick on a piece of paper.

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