Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Sport playas smoked decades ago

I'm sure a lotta baseball playas smoked in those days. I rememba Walter Jacobson mentioning how he used to be a Bat Boy at Cub games, and according to him, EVERY Cub player smoked in the dugout! I think that was in the 60s when he used to be at Cub games a lot.

He!! even tons of NBA playas used to smoke in locker rooms as well during the 60s too.

I dunno what's so surprising about sport playas smoking decades ago. Maybe if we were recognized as actual Americans in those days, and if the color barrier in sports broke a lot more earlier than the late 40s, me would've heard about more of "our" sport playas smoking too.

But if Blacks smoking was more common in the 30s and 40s, B&W would've had a hard time trying to make more Kools, and they would be begging otha comapnies to make their own menthols to keep up with the rise of Black smokers in general. LOL!!!!

I guess nobody in modern times would ever imagine sport playas ever smoking in those days. Goes to show you smoking cigs neva damaged a guy's ability to play any sport well. Baseball playas still dip. But you won't see em smoke in the dugout of course.

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