Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Smoking still a hot topic

Quote from this linked page:

>>>The first step is the prevention of college students using tobacco at all, the second is to encourage students to stop using tobacco products, and the third step is to stop all smoke exposure for those individuals that do not smoke.

First, how are you gonna stop 1000s of college students from using tobacco at all?

Second, those college students oughta say "I'll stop using tobacco if you pay my tuition and my apartment rent/bills for my ENTIRE career as a student here." I can't imagine a smoker going to college and living in a smoke-free dorm.

The third point doesn't even deserve a comment. I hope me blowing smoke in your face won't kill you.

I wonder how many antis in this world think people will actually stop smoking if the anti says "I want you to stop using tobacco period." I'd get a kick outta seeing the (so to speak) fireworks if an anti tried talking to a smoker in my community like that. :)

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