Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Peoria college might make whole campus smoke-free

(Quote comes from this article, which can be read by CLICKING THIS.)

>>>"I dread walking through the courtyard," said BethAnn Swartz, 18, of Urbana; Quipped 19-year-old student Dana Garber: "I hate walking there, too. You can't avoid (the smoke) out there, breathing that second-hand smoke."

I can't believe a college student said these words. Sounds more like talk from a lil girl who lost her doll. And that's puttin it nicely.

Even for this message, I'm keepin the language clean. But this is the most hilarious quote I read from an anti in a long time. I hate walking past trash cans. But I aint interested in banning cans in the streets with trash.

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