Thursday, October 30, 2008

My first-ever lecture on an antismoking forum

For the first time ever, I tried preaching on an antismoking forum.

If you want to read my post, CLICK THIS. I basically responded to that Q of "How come some people can stop smoking afta smoking only a few cigs, while othas can't?"

I basically tried using language they can understand (like if I pretend smoking is an addictive habit), and I used normal words.

I guess I'm the first-ever prosmoker to post on that forum. Although I tried my best to hide the fact I'm darn proud to be a smoker. The last thang I want my post to do is to let the fascists out on there with their negative comments.

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Harry said...

Fantastic blog Jason! Would love to know your opinion on electronic cigarettes? Do you think they are a menace or a blessing?