Thursday, October 30, 2008

Lorillard is a tobacco company that now supports anntismoking towards kids

I read a lil bit on that "Antismoking Website" link Thomas left in his posts with cited links for today. So Lorillard is joining the ranks of Big Tobacco companies trying to help curb underage smoking, and they fully support the "We Card" program?

That sure is hypocritical on Lorillard's part. If they are firmly against underage smoking, why the he!! did they have Newport vans going through Black hoods during the 70s, passing out free packs of Newports not just to adults but Black KIDS as well? They didn't seem to care about underage smokers back then. All they cared about was competing with Kool by trying hard to make smoking menthols look like a glamorous habit to "our" community. While getting actual Black smokers to switch to Newports back then was a plus for the company!

If Lorillard had ANY idea on how many people under 18 smoke Newports, they would probably say "OMG!!" I wish I could show em a few preteens around here who smoke that brand too....I've seen that a few times over the years.

Before that company can convince me they fully support the We Card program, they need to take the Newport packs outta the hands/pockets/ purses of EVERY underage smoker in this area. Cause here's some news....I have a strong good feeling underage smoking will NEVA stop as long as I live.

Lorillard and IL/Crook County oughta send Thank You cards to every underage smoker around here who can buy a pack of Newports in stores/stations easily. Cause if that teen neva bought the pack, that wouldn't be extra money for the state/county in particular. I think Lorillard gets a tiny share of every Newport pack sold.

Maybe Lorillard oughta focus more on fighting the possible menthol ban. Focusing on putting an end to underage smoking is a waste of time and money.

This is supposed to be the LINK TO THE SITE Lorillard is sponsoring with the antismoking theme...with the site focusing on youth smoking prevention of course.

If someone told me the tobacco company with the most popular menthol brand sponsored an antismoking website, I'd laugh hard at that. Especially since Lorillard showed support for smokers rights in recent years. I believe RJR is the only otha Big Tobacco company that supports smokers rights.

If you gonna support smokers rights and be prosmoking, you should give NO SUPPORT to antis in any shape or form.

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