Friday, October 17, 2008

An idea for smokers in college

Here's a brief idea for college smokers, at least those within community colleges. This idea is definitely bad for a major college in IL

Ever thought of lighting up inside of a classroom while class is in session?

I talked to a friend tonight (who's near the Kankakee area). She told me she was upfront with her sub-professor and this young lady even cussed a lil atthe woman. Cause the friend didn't like the professor treating her like a lil girl (as the friend put it).

She did have a point on saying to me "I pay for her salary. So I should have every right to say anythang about her upfront."

I was slightly playing when I told her "Maybe you oughta light up a cig during class to make a statement about her." But the friend hinted she might actually do that if the professor keeps (her words) "pushing her buttons."

It would be interesting to hear of more college smokers lighting up in class to make a statement on smoke-free campuses instead. Especially since more colleges in IL are thinking of having smoke-free campuses 100 percent.

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