Saturday, September 27, 2008

Those classical cig ads make smoking look normal and healthy

I think it's actually cute to portray smoking as healthy as eating candy in some of those old ads I saw online.

Afta spending some time looking at cig ads online and afta seeing all of those smiles on the folks' faces within those classical mag cig ads, I wouldn't blame a smoker back then for making fun of me if I told him/her "A pack of cigs in he 21st century costs as much as a 6-case of beer in some states, and you gotta smoke outside in the darn cold."

Times have changed a lot for the average smoker. And I believe brand preferences for a smoker in my race has changed as well. I'm sure it was common to see "us" smoking various menthols 2-3 decades ago. But you'll be lucky to run into one of us smoking a menthol otha than Newports in modern times. And I'm sure the reason why is cause you can buy a pack of Newports off of the streets for 5 bucks. As high as cigs are, you gotta do what it takes to get cigs. Even if it means buying an illegal pack of a menthol brand you ain't normally used to.

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